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  1. I picked up a pair of short handles and tried them out in the pool. They're definitely closer to the housing, which makes adjusting between the main & sub command dials much easier. Hope to get more 'hands on' (pun intended) use soon. First impressions are good.
  2. Just received a new Nauticam NA-D500 housing and am finding it difficult/awkward to reach the main control and sub-command knobs. My hands are too small to reach those without loosening my grip to re-position my hand. Am afraid this might drive me crazy losing compositions and subjects in the view finder. Anyone have experience with swapping out the standard handles with the short handles offered by Nauticam? Thanks in advance.
  3. I agree with tursiops, a little cropping is due. Too much 'dead' space on the left side of the original. Wishing the puffer was in a bit more of a profile to capture the pattern around the mouth. The colors are beautiful though. Nice shot. Those guys rarely stay put for long.
  4. divengolf makes very valid points. While the D7000 is still a capable camera, I would question the expense of housing a DSLR that's 7+ years into it's life cycle. By the time you purchase all the components of an underwater rig, the camera itself is not the most expensive part. IMO, the value of D7000's & related housings are dropping. Nikon is on it's 4th generation of the D7XXX model line. If you 'have to' have something for this trip, go with divengof's recommendation on purchasing a well maintained housing on the used market. Then maybe sell it quickly upon return to get back something on the resale and put the proceeds towards a newer/current camera. Think of it like a rental. Another option is get an 'action camera' for the upcoming trip and continue to save for a current model.
  5. If you're still looking, I have one I'm willing to sell. It's the Nauticam Extension Ring 20mm w/ lock. Is in very good condition. I purchased it with a 30mm extension, but have never used the 20mm myself. Send me PM or reply to this thread.
  6. Still available and still in great condition. Make an offer.
  7. For Sale: AF Nikon Nikkor 16mm F2.8D Full-frame fisheye lens 180 degree angle of view (FX) 107 degree angle of view (DX) Close-Range Correction System 7 Diaphragm Blades Internal focusing Minimum Focus Distance 0.85 ft Includes four rear-mounting bayonet-type filters (137C, A2, B2 & 056). Lightly/hardly used. Never taken underwater, so never involved in a flood. No mildew. Price: $700.00 Free shipping to US/Canada (would prefer to only sell to US/Canada). Payment via PayPal only please.
  8. How about getting a normal roller bag (i.e. Samsonite/American Tourister/Target special) and putting custom pick-n-pluck foam (http://www.thefoamfactory.com) or padded dividers in it? Won't have the features of the Think Tank, but will look like every other bag at the airport from the outside.
  9. Revised price: $39.99USD/each + shipping. Will combine shipping if you want both. Shipping is to US only. Payment via PayPal. Send PM if interested.
  10. Any takers? Make an offer via PM. Thank you.
  11. The profit margin on SeaLife is probably higher, but that is for another discussion. How about teaching multiple levels of classes? Have an 'intro to underwater photography' course which would be appropriate for the purchasers of SeaLife type products who just want/need a simple camera for taking average photos. There is a market for folks who just wanna push a button and don't care about artistic value of the image (what backscatter?). Look at all the point and shoot cameras for sale in electronics stores (and topside DSLR users who never take their camera out of 'Auto' mode). Maybe the shop owner could loan students SeaLife cameras for the class in anticipation of driving sales? Then offer more 'advanced' type classes that appeals to the DSLR/advanced camera crowd who want better images. That'll help direct sales to the Ikelite products you prefer. You could branch into other areas such as lighting techniques and digital workflow.
  12. I have a pair (2) Ikelite TTL Cords. Nikonos Style #4104.6. Both are used, but in excellent condition. Both were used a few times and then placed into storage a few years ago into an air conditioned closet. $59.00/each + shipping. Will combine shipping if you want both. Shipping is to US only. Payment via PayPal.
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