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  1. Actually, I always shoot in CINE MODE for exposure ... I find that it is too easy to blow out highlights with the other automated exposure modes. I started out shooting in 60i, and am now shooting in 30p. Rick Colman
  2. I am shooting with a Canon HC30 and editing with premier pro CS3. Does anyone know whether I can import and mix together clips in different formats (HDV24p, HDV30p, and HDV60i) in the same project? Rick Colman
  3. I have about a dozen dives with the HV30. Look for some of my videos on VIMEO.COM. rick colman
  4. We do a lot of macro photography in southern california, because, dive conditions are often too poor for wide angle, and fish or other larger scale marine life is scarce. I have been doing some video macro, but, unless the nudi is actually doing something, it is like trying to do a video of a pretty rock or something. Not really much action and, to my taste, still photography is better suited to nudibranchs, etc. I have, however, invested in some dive lights, so may take it up again soon Rick Colman Laguna Hills, CA www.colmanphoto.com
  5. I have pretty bad ocean conditions here right now, very green dirty water with lots of particulate. I used the following regimen: 1) use FCC to do manual white balance, after the fact 2) use AUTOLEVELS, increase the clip popints to 1% to increase contrast, and set the time averaging to 5 frames. 3) then, apply AUTOCOLOR. It does not solve all the problems by any means, but does clean up a clip pretty well for an inexperienced amateur. Rick Colman
  6. I need to use levels to color correct and increase contrast on my underwater footage. I have been using AUTO LEVELS in Premiere Pro, partly because I have not figured out the crappy interface to LEVELS yet. However, auto leves is giving my severe color shifts when the lighting changes in a scene, which it very likely to do underwater. Is there any way to minimize or smooth out the color shifts with AUTO LEVELS? Rick Colman
  7. Please see my ebay listing for item no.200227608666. No one has bid yet, so can still wheel and deal. Rick Colman rcolman@cox.net
  8. I tried a +6 dry diopter combination and it worked out well behind the dome port. I was able to fill most of the frame with a 3" nudibranch with good focus. I left the lens at full-wideangle behind the dome port. The combination seemed to work ok. I then tried a +2 diopter on the second dive, and this did not have much effect. I can't recommend this low diopter as being much good. Exposure is still a problem. I decided to go back to automatic "cine"mode on the HV30 which is full autoexposre with low gain with the shutter locked at 1/60. Unfortunately, I was deep in cold southern california waters with littel light. The footage is viewable, but undereposed a bit. Next time I will try locking the exposure at f4 in aperature priority, or, better yet, mabe bring some lights. rick colman laguna hills, ca
  9. Not sure about the Ikelite housing because I am using an Equinox housing with an HV30. BUT, I recently purchased a Sony VCL -0746B wideangel adapter (0.7x) with a 43-46mm step up ring. It works great behind the Equinox dome port with no vignetting and good shapness into the corners. Best of all, I got mine for $35 (used) on Ebay. Check this option out!! Rick Colman
  10. Well, I tried a stacked combination of +6 (2+4) in the bathtub, and it seemed to give me nice coverage of a 3 inch simulated nudibranch - using the zoom cranked all the way out to full wideangle. Keep in mind that this is behind a dome port. Not aure about exposure ... whether to leave it in full automatic. My still photography sense tells me to pu into aperature priority, crank it down to about F4 (half way in between f.18 and f8 and shoot it that way. ---> I am concerned that I will not have enough natural light at depth (no video lights yet). rick.
  11. I am going to attempt some "macro videography" for the first time with a Canon HV30 behind a dome port on an Equinox housing. I know most use wet diopters in front of flat ports, but, what the heck. I am planning to use dry diopters, attempting to get some nudibranch footage. The set consist of the usual +1 +2 and +4. Since I can't manual focus and the little inboard monitor wont really show focus too well and since there is no autofocus lock indicator, etc. etc. What combination of dry diopters would you recommend, and where shall I place the lens in its zoom range? Sage advice appreciated. Rick Colman
  12. Anyone out there also using a Canon HV20/30 in an Equinox Pro 6 housing? Here are my first dive impressions: 1) I notice a strange circular ghost image in the video. I THINK this is due to the "wide-angle adpater" supplied by Equinox with the package. It is a silvery aluminum, and I think it is relfecting off of the inner surface of the dome port, creating a mirror like ghost image. Anyone else experience this? 2) DONT USE THE LANYARD ATTACKMENT ON THE BACK PORT!! It is very flimsey. I did, and it broke while hanging off of the boat and I almost lost the rig. Two divers spent 30 minutes searching for it at 60' before I recovered it. 3) I added a 2.5 video monitor and AA battery pack. Monitor is marginal, but you need something for framing. The whole rig is now way too negative and I need to figure out some way to adjust bouyancy back to neutral.. Anyone else out there who can comment? Rick Colman
  13. I am evaluating an Eqinox Pro 6 housing for a Canon HV30. I am also a fairly esperienced underwater still photographer, but totally new to video. I only have 24 hours to evaluate this used housing, or return it. The camera arrives tomorrow. Yikes, talk about a time squeeze. In any event, without having the camera in hand, I am wondering how easy it will be to look through the clear pastic endplate, and actuall see the viewfinder? There is no "super-eye" magnifier similar to what is available fron Ikelite, and there is no way to view the monitor. Is anyone out there using this setup? I would love to compare notes. Rick Colman
  14. I am selling an Ikelite housing for an Olympus E-330 on Ebay. The housing is is excellent condition, and is currently going for less than half new price. Check it out. The auction closes tomorrow. The E-330 body might also be available as a separate deal. Check this out: http://cgi.ebay.com/Olympus-E-330-Ikelite-...1QQcmdZViewItem Rick Colman
  15. The oly 14-54 zoom is a great all-around lens, and I use it behind a dome port on an E-330. When I see a macro subject, I crank it out to 54mm and get as close as I can, but it is not macro. The specs of interest are (2x equivalent): Angle of View: 75° to 23° Closest Focusing Distance: 8.67" (0.22m) Maximum Image Magnification: 0.26x (0.52x 35mm equivalent) Does anyone know whether it would be possible to get additional magnification by using it behinda flat port, perhaps with a Woody's diopter in addition. 1) what would this do to wide-angle, and 2) would the diopter provide a bigger image etc. I would like to investigate before putting out money for the additional port Rick Colman
  16. Live preview .... Olympus Supersonic chip cleaning ... Olympus Two memory cards at same time ... Olympus However, here is one place where Canon leads: Canon $4,000 Olympus E-330 $600 (although I have to admit that if I had a spare $4,000 lying around and could write it off ;-)) Rick Colman http://rcolman.photium.com
  17. There is a rubber apron around the diopter lens that just press fits over the port. Seems to be secure and realtively easy to mount and dismount.
  18. Here are some test images, taken in AIR, with a Olympus E-330 with 35mm macro lens, behind an Ikelite flat port. I am told that the degree of chromatic abberation and loss of sharpness will be reduced in water, because the lower difference in refractive index will result in less magnification.. http://www.ocdiving.com/gallery2/main.php?...NavId=xd352079b BTW, this is not meant to be any negative comment on the diopter. It is, after all, only $60 and offers enhanced flexibility on a dive. I will continue to use it when the situation warrants. Rick Colman
  19. I wonder if anyone at Olympus actually dives??? The problem with Oly housings is that they have no provisions for DUAL STROBES and if you want to use a single strobe, then you are stuck with one of their clunky, housed ordinary land flash units. Yes, I understand that there are some adapters and such floating around, but I have not had great luck with TTL adapters on other Oly housings. Can you spell IKELITE ... Rick Colman
  20. Good review. The only significant update is that autofocus is now available in B mode with a firmware upgrade. Although, I really only can use B Mode is very calm waters ... Rick Colman
  21. I just cashed in my old rig and spent several thousands of dollars in an E-330 and Iikelite housing. LIVE VIEW is worth it. There are times when I still use the viewfinder, but, most of the time I use the large live view panel and it makes life SO MUCH EASIER ... especially in surgy conditions or a tight squeeze when getting your eyeball to the finder is difficult. Rick Colman
  22. I am not familiar with Sea & Sea, but Ikelite service is just fantastic. I have owned two ikelite housings and two strobes, and, whenever there is a problem, they fix it promptly and well ... no questions asked. I can't say enough good things about Ike service and support. I will continue to buy and use their products. Rick Colman
  23. I need a soft-sided, lightweight backpack that will: a) fit into airline carryon-luggage B) carry the following -- 2 dSLR bodies -- 3 lenses -- 2 strobes (Ike DS-125) c) would be nice if it had a laptop computer compartment as well. Can someone recommend something, please? Rick Colman
  24. On a nice southern ca dive this morning, my first macro shot was fine and all subsequent images were grossly overexposed, as though the flash TTL had completely failed and both flashes were completely firing on each shot. I will spare you the details of all the efforts made, underwater and on the boat, to determine what had failed ... all to no avail. Upon taking the housing apart later, I noticed that the Ikelite hot-shoe flash connector was not COMPLETELY pushed into the hot shoe. Once I pushed it in all the way, everything worked properly. It seems like the connector was making enough contact to fire the strobes, but not enough to provide the control or quenching signal. Beware, kiddies ... Rick Colman
  25. I have owned two Ikelite housings, one for an E-300 with about 150 dives on it. I just purchased a second Ikelite housing for my new E-330 which now has three dives on it. I have never had a problem with either housing. However, yours is certainly a cautionary tale, and I will now keep an eye on the port attachment just to be on the safe side. I also purchased flood insurance from day one since I figured that it is going to happen sooner or later. I would also like to add my sincere regrets about the flood. Looks like you did everything right. Rick Colman
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