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  1. Great shots. The wife and I are planning on hitting BHB next month, we are in Tampa so it is just a few hours away. I too have the Ikelite 7d housing. Were you using the modular or the flat port with your 100? I'm thinking of buying the subsee +10 but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. Thanks for sharing the pictures eD
  2. Very cool. I;d like to try that sola nightse at some point. I'll be in Bonaire next Feb to hopefully capture some new nudibranch's
  3. Watched your end of trip slideshow. It looks like you had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing eD
  4. That pulsing blue ring and patch of color above the eye were fantastic. thanks for sharing ed
  5. +1 on the Dive shot looks crisp on the big monitor thanks ed
  6. simply fantastic. We were fortunate enough to see one when we were in Lembeh and it was a treat. Thanks for posting an exceptional video. Ed
  7. That really is a fantastic find. Congrats. Thanks for continuing to post from Lembeh, my wife and I have been twice and will be back someday. Your Videos keep the dream alive for me. Thanks again Cheers Ed
  8. Great stuff. I can't wait to hear how the 7D held up and hopefully get to see some video? -Ed
  9. Very nice. That last flat worm is very cool ed
  10. Tiger shots are very impressive. 10 days must have been fantastic. Thanks for sharing ed
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