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  1. Where are you based? I assume the USA due to the prices quoted in USD, but where exactly? City/state will suffice John Q
  2. Items still available: 2 x Sea & Sea fibre optic cables for Nauticam £45 each Nauticam M10 ball mount £20 Nauticam Hot shoe ball mount £20 iDas go pro Ball adaptor. £10 FIT pro WSR light. Spare battery and charger etc. As new. UK postage only due to Li ion batteries and postal restrictions. EVF adaptor window for Nauticam NA NEX-6 housing £50
  3. I have the Nauticam M10 threaded ball mount and the iDas GoPro adaptor for sale in the classifieds... Here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57931
  4. Here is an update of what is still available. Nauticam 45 EVF £650. Model 32203 EVF Window for NA-Nex-6 £80. 1 x YS-D1 Strobes £300 each. Nauticam to Sea & Sea Fibre optic Cables £50ea. Nauticam M10 Housing Strobe Mounting Ball £15. Hot shoe Ball Mount £20. iDas Ball Adaptor for GoPro £10. FIT Pro 1200WSR & Spare Batt & Charger £175. 6 Clamps, £10 each
  5. Contact Olympus through MyOlympus. They will be able to assist. I have listed all my equipment with them and have already used them the sort a faulty lens, so it worth at least an inquiry with them.
  6. Hi, I have the SLR 45° EVF 32203 for sale on here. I used it previously on a NA NEX-6 housing with the LCD window. So depending on your housing and with the correct window that could be another option to look at. John
  7. Hi Edward, I could not think of a better home for these cameras. I'll hold them for you. We can discuss closer to the time arrangements for collection/delivery etc. Regards John Quinn
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