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  1. thanks everyone for all your replies we have decided to go to oahu and dive the north shore there. I will post how everything was and went when we get back. Phielan
  2. I started with a 110a and then picked up a used 110 as well and it lasted for about 20 dives before I relegated it to a back up it was constantly taking too long to recycle as well as not going off at the exact same time as the alpha so I was getting half lighting for my photos. Not too bad if I was shooting w/a but for macro it was useless. best of luck.
  3. thanks very much for the information. It is great to hear about the shoreside attractions and will definately keep in mind the helicopter ride!
  4. Hey everyone, My wife and I have always wanted to go dive in Hawaii and hopefully will be able to this fall. We are looking at going in November (only time I can get off work) and wondered what people thought about that time of year (if we should try and go some other time etc) and where to go ( I will say now that we would prefer to be somewhere small without all the crowds (leaning towards Kauai at this point). Any thought or observations would be great and first hand knowledge would be great. Phielan
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