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  1. Presumably this will also give you a way to use optical triggering for non Ikelite strobes, much like their compact cases. I thought the camera flash didn't have room to open in the Ikelite housing and this was a pretty big negative for me when looking at the Ikelite option, as I already have Sea and Sea strobes which can only be triggered in manual mode using an electrical cable with the Ikelite housing.
  2. I am looking at the Olympus EPL-2 and Olympus housing as an alternative to a high end compact set up like the Canon S95, rather than as an lighter/smaller alternative to a DSLR set up which most people seem to consider it for. As such I am only interested in the Olympus with its kit lens, and possibly the 9-18mm, with the Zen dome port, and won't be looking at buying other lenses for the forseeable future (especially given the prices of micro 4/3 lenses) - the Olympus will only just fit into my budget as it is. I am wondering whether this is a valid approach and if anyone else has already thought along the same lines - and if so their logic for choosing the Olympus (or not)? The main benefit would seem to be the higher quality images from the larger sensor versus a compact, against which I would lose the ability to switch wet lenses and the benefits of greater DOF and higher flash sync speeds with something like the S95. There are also two questions I can't find any answer to - the first is whether the Olympus fisheye or wide angle adapters that fit onto the Mark 2 kit lens can fit into the Zen dome, and the second is whether there is any benefit to using Olympus own brand UFL strobes (eg. is the flash sync any higher than using a Sea & Sea or Inon strobe)? Can anyone help with these questions? Thanks! Tim
  3. I've used compacts underwater for several years using the manufacturer's own brand and Ikelite housings, and used Canon DSLR's on land, and I'm hoping to move to a DSLR set up underwater. Most of my diving is in Jersey (temperate/green water from shore, RIB and hard boat) with the occasional tropical water trip. Having scoured this and other forums it seems that the Aquatica and Nauticam housings seem to be robust while still light enough to travel with. Unfortunately I've seen neither and won't be able to before my next trip so I'm having to make a decision based on other's reviews and comments. From what I can tell both manufacturers seem to be on a par in regard to construction quality and customer back up. Has anyone who's seen/handled both noticed any difference in quality, handling, ease of use of controls, or any useful feature found on one or the other? Although ergonomics are a personal thing, are there any differences that stand out in general (for example do the rocker buttons on the Nauticam make a noticeable difference)? Alternatively does anyone have any 'niggles' with the housing they bought? I am probably thinking of a housing for the Canon 550D/T2i. I found some posts from last year about leaks coming from the rocker buttons on the Nauticam housings, but these seem to have been sorted out by the manufacturer. I have also seen a comment about rust on the housing latches, although the 550D housing uses plastic levers rather than latches anyway. The only other differences I have found at the moment is that the Nauticam housing is slightly more expensive but comes with a leak detector (although I haven't worked out a total cost once ports and extension rings, gears etc are factored in - I'm still working out what I'd need for the Tokina 10-17mm and Canon 60mm whilst still possibly allowing the use of the kit lens and my existing Sigma 10-20mm). As a last question, would I have to send the housing back to Canada or China to get it serviced or are there Aquatica/Nauticam technicians in the UK (this was one thing that put me off the Sea and Sea housing despite it being cheaper)? Thanks Tim
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