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  1. Lerf is great & I'm a walking testimony of his services & advice!! I'm glad to hear of all the improvements they made to the housing. I think my mind is quite made up now. Will be dropping into your shop pretty soon.
  2. I am also upgrading from my Oly 5050 & I bought the Panasonic LX3 for the F.2.0 bright Leica lens. Both my wide angle, macro lens & Sea&Sea YS55 strobe are compatible with the 10Bar housing. You might want to check out this thread:- http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...=27978&st=0
  3. This is Pamela, reporting in from Malaysia!!! Haven't been on Wetpixel for awhile since a change of laptops & some major office move. Please add me!
  4. Is this set up still available??? Please send me an email at pummkin at gmail dot com
  5. I've tested one & it's great. I'm actually contemplating on getting one once the Panasonic underwater housing is out for this model. It has an F2.0 Leica lens!!! And the FZ28 is not bad at all too!
  6. We just got news here in Malaysia that the E410 will be available by next weekend in Kuala Lumpur stores!!! That would be great but I'm waiting for the E510..... :glare:
  7. Hello, I'm checking in with you all again after a year of sabbatical from diving forums. I will be at ADEX, stationed at the Tourism Malaysia booth under PYO Dive so please drop by if you happen to be there. I'm not sure if I can join you at the watering hole as I'm travelling with the Malaysian contingent & they might need me to stick around for discussions after the show. Hope to meet some of you far-off people soon!!!
  8. Does anyone know of the site where freelance photographers & writers get their written commission/protection documentation from? My computer crashed & I lost information on all the documents I've saved & I can't remember the website name. Can anybody help???
  9. I'm trying to source for an arm for each of these housings, is there one that would fit all or must I buy separate ones? I'm sourcing for my friend as well who has a C5060. Can anyone direct me to a website where there have arms to fit my housings? It's time that I get strobes! Thanks!
  10. Yikes! I don't even know what it is hence, no Subject nor ID.....!?!?!?!!?! Ok, I promise I'll be good & think of a nice word to classify all these strange & weird stuff that I find & make sure they catch your attention!!!! But this is not my thread.... :-( I'm just riding on someone else's identity crisis..... :-)
  11. Thank you, Leslie! Now that I know what a precious resource this website is, I won't hesitate to take more pictures of the weird & indescribable critters that I encounter & post them here. At last, I'm not telling tall stories...!
  12. And yet another on another whip some other trip..... ?????? :?:
  13. Here's another view & it's so, so weird.....
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