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  1. Thanks sooooo much for your quick advice, this had to be one of my most stressful dives in a long time!! This was my first leak with a D-SLR, I had one a few years back with a cheap point and shoot. I just got the housing taken apart and I inspected all of the o-rings. I could not find any definitive evidence to what caused the leak. My suspicions were a very small deformity (some excess o-ring materiel) stuck to the one side of the o-ring for the compact wide port. It scraped off easily but I am going replace it anyways. I also had to replace the battery on the moisture indicator. The vinegar worked great to take off the corrosion on the battery terminals. Everything is drying off right now, but I am very apprehensive to take it out again. I guess it’s like falling of a really expensive bike….. Thanks again!! Semper Dive, Brian
  2. I went on the shortest twin tank dive of my life this morning. Ten minutes into my dive the moisture indicator went off. The bad news is my DX D200 leaked , the good new is that the moisture indicator works, and the great news is that the water did not get to my new camera !!! But there is still the matter of the two to three tablespoons of salt water that got into my housing. What is the best way to clean and dry the inside of a housing? Thanks for the help, Semper Dive, Brian
  3. Hey Martyn, I hope this helps. The O-ring is the only thing that holds the gear onto the lens. I was not able to get it to fit with the whole O-ring and the instructions that came with the zoom gear said to cut the O-ring into 3-6 pieces if it did not fit. Then, if it was too loose to apply some tape that was included. It does not seem like a very efficient way of gripping onto the lens. A friend of mine has a D70 with an Ikelite housing and he uses the same lens, their system seems much better. Semper Dive, Brian
  4. I just got a Sea and Sea DX D200 for my Nikon D200 and have used it four times now. It turns out some great photos and I really like the way it handles. But I have one complaint…the Zoom Gear for the Nikkor 18-70mm lens keeps slipping. The O-ring design does not seem to be very efficient. It does not happen every time, only when I need to zoom in on something . Does anyone else have this problem and if so do you have a solution? Thanks Semper Dive, Brian
  5. Thanks for all of your comments, I just purchased Photoshop Elements 5.0. Hopefully the learning curve isn’t too steep. Semper Dive, Brian
  6. I’m currently using MS Picture It 7.0 and have been using it for about 2 years now and it has worked well. However I just upgraded to a D200 and would like to shoot in the RAW and Picture It can not process RAW. I would like to upgrade not only my editing software but my computer too. So this is a two part question? 1. Mac or PC? I have heard that Mac’s are better at graphic arts? (not sure what that means) I know this is like asking which is better Ford or Chevy, but I would like your opinions. 2. Photoshop CS2 or Elements? Thanks in advance, Semper Dive, Brian
  7. Thanks for the advice, so far I have only been able to take it down once, but it was great to work with. After the dive I soaked it for a day in fresh water and then dried it out. I got some white chalky residue on the housing. (This never happened to the acrylic housing from my DX500G) I wiped it down with a chamois but I was just seeing if there was anything else I could do. Thanks again. S/f, Brian
  8. Hello, I’m new to the DSLR world, I just up graded from a DX5000G to a Nikon D200 and Sea & Sea DXD200. The care/cleaning of the housing and lens ports are a bit more difficult than my old point and shoot. Is there a how to guide or tips on the care/cleaning the housing and lens ports? What type of cleaning products can be used on the equipment or does water and lens cleaner suffice? Thanks. S/f, Brian
  9. Hello from Okinawa, I am finally upgrading to a DSLR, I ordered a D200. I am torn between the Ikelite and Sea and Sea housings. I currently own a Sea and Sea DX5000G with duel YS-90 Auto’s and it produces good photos and I like the strobes but it’s time to upgrade! Does anyone have a recommendation on housings and strobe configurations? Can I use the YS-90 Auto’s on the Ikelite and still go iTTL or am I stuck using them in manual? Tanks, Brian
  10. I just bought a Sea & Sea YS 90 Auto Duo. After installing the fiber optic attachemet to the strobe (for a digital camera) I can not attach the diffuser. Does anyone have a solution to rig the diffuser on the strobe?
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