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  1. Hey guys, Im looking for a Sony A7Rii Housing, preferably Nauticam but would consider others. please send any housing pics and prices to leigh.dunne88@gmail.com Would be shipping to Florida, USA Thanks!
  2. I was interested in trying to use some fabric for a backdrop in some of my pool shoots with models and i was wondering what material works well, and wont be ruined or run its colors after the first use. Here is a couple of my latest!
  3. Currently im using the Tokina fisheye zoon with a minidome on my D7000, and i love it though i miss the split shots with my old ikelite 8 inch dome. I was looking into a larger dome and was wondering if the 9.25 is that much better than the 8 inch to justify twice the price. I read once before it was good for very wide angle on FF cameras, i will be only really using the Tokina 10-17 and occasionally Sigma 10-20mm on a DX sensor. Also weight is an issue for me, traveling, how much extra does the 9.25 weigh over the 8 inch? Or any other dome possibilites for my Aquatica housing. Thanks guys
  4. Im looking into buying a circular fisheye something like the sigma 4.5mm, the Sigma 17-70 Macro for Nikon, and also a wet diopter, like the macromate for aquatica housings. If your are looking to sell let me know!
  5. Nice work! I recently tried using my new triggers, I was shooting in a lake and it was freezing! so i didnt have too much tiem to play with them and move them around but here is 1 shot.
  6. I will be up around Orlando/Jacksonville in October and i was interested in trying to dive/snorkel in some of the spring lakes up there, does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Ahh thanks for that, i found the bad link.
  8. I just started a new facebook page for my underwater photos and to network with models and photographers, add the page if you like and if you also have a facebook photography page list it on here also! I travel alot on the east coast and always looking to meet up with any photographers in the area for a dive maybe.
  9. Ive done 4 shoots now with models in pools and starting to get some shots i like, check them out and let me know what you think and how i may be able to improve. I like getting the dark backgrounds but now i realize that it proberly isnt so good when the models are also wearing dark clothing! ah well now i know for next time. Underwater shoots
  10. In the D90 Flash/exposure menu you can turn on "auto FP" That will let you go up to a 1/250 flash sync if i remember correctly.. anyway try it out!
  11. What port setup are you using with the sigma 17-70? i was looking at getting one, currently i have a 4" dome and AF/MF macro port
  12. love the body paint, great work!
  13. Hey Andy, Yea im using Smugmug, though ive changed my layout again, to something a bit more simple, though i can give you some advice on how to clean up your page a bit and create seperate, Gallery pages if you like. Ill send you a msg when i have a bit more time and try to explain some of the basics
  14. That is a very heavy harddrive! I just have a small Pelican case for SD cards, its about $20 and indestructible. SD cards are so cheap now, just buy a couple more.
  15. I lost my lens cap for my tokina 10-17 a little while ago, i think it just slipped off somewhere while i was walking around on the street with it. Anyone know where to buy a new one?
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