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  1. Hey guys, Im looking for a Sony A7Rii Housing, preferably Nauticam but would consider others. please send any housing pics and prices to leigh.dunne88@gmail.com Would be shipping to Florida, USA Thanks!
  2. I was interested in trying to use some fabric for a backdrop in some of my pool shoots with models and i was wondering what material works well, and wont be ruined or run its colors after the first use. Here is a couple of my latest!
  3. Currently im using the Tokina fisheye zoon with a minidome on my D7000, and i love it though i miss the split shots with my old ikelite 8 inch dome. I was looking into a larger dome and was wondering if the 9.25 is that much better than the 8 inch to justify twice the price. I read once before it was good for very wide angle on FF cameras, i will be only really using the Tokina 10-17 and occasionally Sigma 10-20mm on a DX sensor. Also weight is an issue for me, traveling, how much extra does the 9.25 weigh over the 8 inch? Or any other dome possibilites for my Aquatica housing. Thanks guys
  4. Im looking into buying a circular fisheye something like the sigma 4.5mm, the Sigma 17-70 Macro for Nikon, and also a wet diopter, like the macromate for aquatica housings. If your are looking to sell let me know!
  5. Nice work! I recently tried using my new triggers, I was shooting in a lake and it was freezing! so i didnt have too much tiem to play with them and move them around but here is 1 shot.
  6. I will be up around Orlando/Jacksonville in October and i was interested in trying to dive/snorkel in some of the spring lakes up there, does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Ahh thanks for that, i found the bad link.
  8. I just started a new facebook page for my underwater photos and to network with models and photographers, add the page if you like and if you also have a facebook photography page list it on here also! I travel alot on the east coast and always looking to meet up with any photographers in the area for a dive maybe.
  9. Ive done 4 shoots now with models in pools and starting to get some shots i like, check them out and let me know what you think and how i may be able to improve. I like getting the dark backgrounds but now i realize that it proberly isnt so good when the models are also wearing dark clothing! ah well now i know for next time. Underwater shoots
  10. In the D90 Flash/exposure menu you can turn on "auto FP" That will let you go up to a 1/250 flash sync if i remember correctly.. anyway try it out!
  11. What port setup are you using with the sigma 17-70? i was looking at getting one, currently i have a 4" dome and AF/MF macro port
  12. love the body paint, great work!
  13. Hey Andy, Yea im using Smugmug, though ive changed my layout again, to something a bit more simple, though i can give you some advice on how to clean up your page a bit and create seperate, Gallery pages if you like. Ill send you a msg when i have a bit more time and try to explain some of the basics
  14. That is a very heavy harddrive! I just have a small Pelican case for SD cards, its about $20 and indestructible. SD cards are so cheap now, just buy a couple more.
  15. I lost my lens cap for my tokina 10-17 a little while ago, i think it just slipped off somewhere while i was walking around on the street with it. Anyone know where to buy a new one?
  16. I had a photoshoot yesterday in a pool with a model and an makeup artist for their portfolio and mine, Things went pritty well, she looked a bit uncomfortable in the photos at the beginning though she started getting more relaxed. The pool had alot of particles in it so some of the more tricky lighting shots i got a bit of backscatter in, though today i will be trying again. But for now here are some pics, let me know what you think. I was using a d90 and tokina 10-17 with 2 ds 160s.
  17. i have a SB-28 possibly dx cant remember, all looks fine but flash wont fire..
  18. Love these 2, where did the boat leave from?
  19. that sounds like a good idea, nothing too hush hush. i do a few timelapses on land and i was just thinking of experimenting with underwater now, so if i had the bulkhead for the remote on the housing and the ike extension, how to you then connect the ike cord to a remote?
  20. I would say between 0-20m i will try closer to the surface first so save on my strobe power. Im just waiting on the new aquatica housing to arrive!
  21. I was just thinking, would a radio or infrared remote work if you made some sort of cheap housing for it, would these work underwater and in an aluminum housing?
  22. does anyone have any experience with underwater timelapse with a dslr? I was thinking of doing some soon with the d7000 but the only problem is that it only takes up to 999 photos which wont be enough for what i want to do. I thought i could maybe just go and reset the timer over and over a couple of times, but just wanted to hear if anyone else had any better ideas, maybe taking apart an intervelometer and fitting it inside a housing somewhere? and also ideas for lighting that will last 1-6 hours? I will be using a d7000 in an aquatica housing and have 2 ds-160s
  23. Ok Thanks for letting me know, ill look into that!
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