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  1. It is for a Nauticam a7riii housing, Thanks Tim!
  2. Looking for a Zen 230 dome in good condition.
  3. Thanks guys. Happy with the cameras performance for sure. The amount of detail is incredible, you can keep zooming in. I was worried about soft corners and focusing with the canon 8-15, but if you keep a high F number corners are fine. In low light the focus gets bad but when you have enough light the focus is instant. 90 mm macro lens gives very nice pictures but sometimes you wait a while before it finds focus. I have not been using a focus light.
  4. Equipment used: a7riii in nauticam housing, sony 90mm, 2x inon s2000 for macro. For fisheye Canon 8-15mm with metabones adapter in zen mini dome. Images uncropped. Location: Victoria Australia, Perth Australia, Great Barrier Reef Australia crop from previous image
  5. 8mm fisheye lens, zen dome and arms SOLD Available: GH4 housing $900 60mm macro port $300 olympus 12-50 lens $200
  6. Still for sale... Also most of the lenses and ports except the 25mm GH4 housing now $900..
  7. Sale did not happen, still available: Nauticam Gh4 housing zen170 dome 8mm Olympus fisheye PRO lens 60mm Olympus macro lens port for 60mm macro 12-50mm lens Happy to hear offers
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