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  1. Thanks all for your compliments. I should add that I would be keen for any improvement suggestions. What works, what doesn't?
  2. Hi Pete, I used my Sony HDR 550 in a Bluefin Pro Housing. Not pleased with how the camera handles low light situations - gets grainy and fuzzy - but when there is sufficient light, it captures colours beautifully (at depths < 20 metres). I did minimal post production adjustments except to adjust brightness and add a bit of contrast where needed. I also got all of that footage from 1 short dive in 2012 and 1 dive last week. Not a bad amount of material considering, though I would have liked to get more footage of critters and the forest roots / undergrowth. I want to go back soon to see how the Canon 5dmkIII will manage the forests ... Just need to get a lens and housing and so on for my new camera body.....
  3. Hello fellow Wetpixelians, I attach my latest labour of love: a video I pulled together from footage I took on two dive trips to Tasmania - the first early last January (2012) and the second just this past week. Both times we dove with Eaglehawk Dive Centre (a very well run operation). Tasmania is a harsh and heartbreakingly beautiful island both above and below the water. We returned home not a day too soon: the day after our departure, the majority of the Tasman Peninsula (where we were staying) was overcome with bush fires. The dive centre is still without power and the one road off of the peninsula is still closed. Our thoughts are with the residents of the peninsula. Hope you enjoy. [vimeohd]56847176[/vimeohd]
  4. Thanks all. Really helpful. A few more questions on the CF card - is it worth the jump in price to go for the 128gb card or is 64gb enough? Any opinions out there on sandisk vs. lexar vs. other? I've read that lexar have had a few issues both with their cards and then their customer service - anyone want to weigh in with their experience? What about a travel case for toting the kit around - what are you using?
  5. Thanks Tim, What about the other bits and bobs - what's in your grab bag in terms of memory cards, filters, etc?
  6. Hi all. Well santa was very good to me and bought me a 5d mark iii body for Christmas. Of course we all know that the body is only the start of a very expensive hobby. I'm coming off using a Sony HD 550 video camera so, apart from being able to use my Sola 1200's for video lights, I'm really starting from scratch. So my question is this: how would you start amassing all of the accessories - memory cards, lenses, underwater housing, monitors, filters/ diopters, carrying cases, etc if you wanted to make sure you bought the best, even if it takes a while to buy it all? What would you buy, and in what order? What is table stakes, what are bells and whistles / nice-to-haves? My intention is to predominantly use the 5dmkiii for video, but I might toy around with stills if I can. Given I've got no experience with DSLRs, let's say I want to start practicing with the camera topside for a couple of months, then buy the UW housing and go underwater locally. My local playground is Sydney where the viz is anywhere from ~8-20 meters, relatively greenish water with limited opportunity for really wide angle shots. Then I'll take it travelling - likely next stop for that will be the Galapagos - so wide-angle shots mostly. Then after that, it'll be Komodo for muck / macro and wide angle.. Any guidance is much appreciated.
  7. Really nice work, Davide!!!! BIG thumbs up!
  8. I thought I might share this with those of you with young children. About 9 months ago, Ellie, a daughter of our friends in the US, sent us "Little Bear" - a photocopy of a character that the children in her class have been reading about in books. She asked us to show him around Sydney, and send him and a postcard back so she could share his adventures with her 1st grade class. We did something even better: we laminated Little Bear and took him diving with us around Sydney Harbour and some of the coastal sites. We showed him the wonderful underwater life and made a video for Ellie to share! (I realised that after rendering the movie and deleting my Final Cut project, that the Port Jackson shark wasn't a Port Jackson shark (no harness markings), but a Crested Hornshark, so apologies for the mistake but it's there to stay. ). (By the way, am I the only person who cringes at the sound of their own recorded voice?) Filmed on a Sony HDRXR550 in a Light and Motion Bluefin Pro housing with Sola 1200 lights. Hope your children enjoy it! [vimeohd]35068697[/vimeohd]
  9. I have to give credit where it is due. It was actually Rob Stewart's use of the song in Sharkwater that led me to use it in this video. I think it is a nice balance of energy, playfulness, risk and adventure without portraying the sharks as mindless rogue killers. Took a while to decide on the appropriate track.
  10. Hi Doug, Can you let us know how your experience went? Still umming and awwing about which operator to go with when we go in Feb...
  11. Well done SImon! Beautifully edited and fantastic footage!
  12. Yes they did peak early and indeed had a real dry spell during August. Apparently very unusual. Our trip (which was the 13 September trip) was the first real return of the sharks.
  13. Kevster- we had 1 smaller female on the trip. Apparently the season for them is May / June so we weren't so lucky. But I am not complaining - very happy with the 7 different sharks we saw on top and on the bottom.
  14. Hi - actually I edited my post after Kevster's question to reflect the track! Nick - to your question about hanging outside the cage. They don't really talk too much about it. The main cages actually make it difficult to hang outside too much though you can get creative if you choose. The little surface cage that is more open is not a typical cage for guests but designed for the scientists/ professional photo- / videographers. It is entirely up to the Rodney Fox team as to whether a person qualifies for that category - it is more risky and a person must be very vigilant. But in any case believe me when I say there is ample opportunity to get shots and footage without bars getting too much in the way.
  15. Hi all. Another video I'd love to share and I have to say the video does not do the experience justice. It was amazing diving with these sharks. I am looking for the excuse to get back there as quickly as possible to do it again!! Rodney Fox is a top operation! Track is Sinnerman by Nina Simone - Felix da Housecat remix Hope you enjoy.... [vimeohd]50522064[/vimeohd]
  16. Next they will go ahead and open up a golf course in Kruger National Park and start killing the lions and elephants so they don't bother the golfers... I mean, why not, right? Humans rule the earth and have every right to do whatever they please, whenever they please, wherever they please and bugger the creatures who get in the way! (she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm....)
  17. Hi Folks - Thought I'd share my most recent project - just some fun shots of diving at various sites in Sydney choreographed to Harry Belafonte's "Jump in De Line" - it was a blast to make - hope you enjoy! Footage includes many of the wonderful critters seen around Sydney - Grey Nurse Sharks, Weedy Seadragons, Giant Cuttlefish, Port Jackson Sharks, Wobbegongs, Blue Gropers, Leatherjackets, skirt wearing dive masters, the normal stuff.. Rebecca https://vimeo.com/50422864
  18. Auction ending in 13 hours! Folks, the current bid is at AUD$1,000 which is an absolute steal for this package. You could turn around and sell these things individually and double your $$. Don't miss out!
  19. For Sale on Ebay!! Priced to sell. Auction ends 18 August 2012. - Complete underwater HD video package with lots of extras | eBay - See ebay listing for pics. • Light and Motion Bluefin Pro HC7 housing – (Price when new - $3,799). Here is a promo video highlighting all of the features Light & Motion Bluefin HC7 Marketing Video - YouTube; includes flip-down red filter and original lens (good for macro) • Light and Motion 2.5” remote color monitor with camera mount, connecting cord and US charger (Price when new - $1,799) – This monitor has a 2.5 display screen and the ability to control the camera and see the footage from a distance – add a longer umbilical cord (not included) and you could record shy critters from 50 ft away, still controlling zoom, focus, and other controls – this is a rare find as Light and Motion doesn’t make these any more for their housings. This is a picture of the monitor:http://www.marinefilm.org/bin/miniho...0;인.jpg; • Sony HDR HC7 camera – US version – (List price $1,300). Seriously one of the better cameras I’ve come across with respect to recording quality, low light, and underwater white balancing. Comes with charger, fire wire adapters for Apple or PC computers, and other associated cables. • Fathom 80 wide angle lens (List price - $600) - lens is in excellent condition • 2x Light and Motion Sunray 1000 video lights, 2x underwater battery pods and 2 batters for Light and Motion Housing with US charger (List price $2,499) • 2x spare batteries for video lights with and extra US charger (List price $200) • Pelican 1520 carrying case with customized foam cutouts (List price $225) • Set of spare O-Rings for housing and handles, O-ring grease (List price - $32) • 6x Mini HD tape cassettes (most lightly used) – (List price $50) All in all, these items when purchased new totaled nearly US$11,000. The equipment is 4 years old or less and has been well taken care of. The camera was just been serviced by Sony last year and I had the tape mechanism fully replaced so it is as good as new as I haven't been using the camera this year except to confirm all is in working order. The only thing which is not functioning is the underwater microphone on the housing itself (mic on the camera works fine outside of the housing), which means that if you film inside the housing above water, you won’t get any sound, though it still picks up some sound underwater – you can still hear bubbles…. I have always put music over the top of my videos anyway so, unless you're trying to get the sounds of dolphins and whales, does it really matter? I love this setup but, as I have bought a new full video setup, I need to sell this one!! To get a brand new L&M housing and appropriate top of the line HD camera with video lights and the Fathom 80 lens, it will cost you about US$10,000 plus a little more for the extras. I’ve learned from experience that there are pluses and minuses to the old and new setups. For example the new housings have a one button-push manual white balance which is nice (you have to press 4 buttons on the side of the camera on the HC7 housing to so the same thing) but there are also drawbacks – for example if the LED screen fails on the new housing, you can’t use the camera without replacing the back – that can get expensive – with the HC7, you still have the eye-hole on the back of the camera. The HC7 also has the zebra function which for some reason the newer Sony's don't have - this is great for checking that your exposure underwater is good and there are no areas of overexposure. This video (see link) was the most recent video I shot with the HC7 at the beginning of April 2011 - ; - this was at approximately 60ft (20M) in Sydney during a weekend with decent visibility. This was in natural light – I didn’t have my lights with me on this dive. It also gives you a sense of the sound underwater even without the housing mic working… The equipment is with me in Sydney, but I will ship anywhere. Since the item is in Australia, the postage cost can vary quite a bit depending where you are. If you are in AUS, not a problem- its AUSPost. Otherwise you will have to nominate a carrier and pay the shipping charges. As an example using the AusPost website, I costed the freight to Adelaide and it would be AUD$43.15 to post code 5000, basic air to the US would be AUD$278, and to the UK AUD$358.45. If you want to check costs yourself, the dimensions are: box 1: 50x40x18cm - 11kg, box 2: 36x26x22cm - 4kg.
  20. Sydney conditions are often quite good. We frequently get viz upwards of 15 metres, particularly in winter. A few times we had viz over 20 metres in April... Really good stuff. Late spring can get a bit murky with some areas turning into jellyfish soup....
  21. Hi folks, agree that sometimes I get the red fuzzies but sometime I get some really great quality footage from this camera. These quick scenes were shot in Sydney in 10-15 metres without any artificial light. http://vimeo.com/28493305 http://vimeo.com/28492949 http://vimeo.com/28398714 http://vimeo.com/28396230 Cheers, Rebecca
  22. Pfulks, I have to eat crow here. I didn't realise Canon has come out with a video camera also called a G10. Not sure what Canon was thinking there as it will cause confusion in the aftermarket (our case in point). Sorry about that.
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