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  1. Hi folks, We have decided it is time to buy a Macbook pro and am looking for some guidance on what to get and possible future strategies beyond. At the risk of giving too much context - here is the low-down: 1. Currently we have a 17" iMac 5.1 purchased in late 2006 - since purchase we have beefed up the innards (2008) so that we now have: 700 GB hard disk space (50% of it is used) 2 GHz processor (Intel Core 2 Duo) 17 inch display (1440 x 900) 3 GB of memory (2 banks - Bank 0 is 1 GB with 667 Mhz, Bank 1 is 2 GB with 667 Mhz) we also have an old LaCie external hard drive with an additional 300 GB of space (50% of which has been used) 2. Our user needs: Hubby has a G10 camera and underwater housing and has purchased Photo Shop CS5 to work with his pics I'm just starting to play around with Final Cut Express 4 to play with my HD underwater video and, once mastered, will likely upgrade to FCP (I have an HC7 and will be upgrading within the next year to a Sony 550 with the big in-camera storage space - or whatever is the current model at that point) We need a way to review and download Hubby's pics when we travel (our trips tend to be long ones with dozens of dives) - ideally I'd also like to be able to review, capture and possibly edit my video footage on the trip versus bringing 20 tapes home to edit afterwards 3. I think our possible solutions are: Buy a Mac desktop within the next few months as I will need more processor power to handle FCP. Deal with multiple tapes and photo drives and just download when getting back from trip Buy a Mac desktop within the next few months, buy an Ipad 2 with the camera plug-in to download Hubby's photos. I deal with multiple tapes and capture my video when I get home. We have no further need for an IPad so it would be purchased solely for this reason. Buy a MacBook Pro now and then use the MacBook at home as well, networked with our old iMac and add on external drives for disk space as needed. 4. I'm leaning toward the MacBook Pro solution. As such I think the specs for this would be as follows: 15 inch, 2.3GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, Anti-glare High res screen, Solid State Hard Drive We would buy external hard drives as needed to cover our storage needs and would likely invest in a large display screen (have a snazzy 2 screen setup) with a high-rate video card and other bells and whistles to have for home usage 5. My questions are as follows: Does this sound like a good strategy - any other thoughts? If so, I'm trying to figure out what type of SSD to get - the 512 GB SSD is AUD$1500 more, the 128 only AUD$120 more. I figure our strategy would be to keep all pics, video, music on external drives anyway, but what sort of memory should I look to have on the laptop's hard drive? Does this change if we bring an external drive with us as well on trips (and is this a good strategy to bring along an external drive?) Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Rebecca
  2. Thanks Peter - you should be more careful to not be so helpful!!! I'm tempted to ask you to come out of your instructor retirement!!! In the meantime I'll do my best to exercise restraint on asking all the questions I have about underwater videography.
  3. Thanks Peter, this is really helpful to know. As for my video plans, I'm going to keep learning a bit more on my HC7 setup and will use that for my upcoming trip to the deep south Sudanese Red Sea next month. It's a bit frustrating though, because I broke my remote monitor, cannot get a replacement (phased out long ago) and so now I have to look through the little spy hole on the back of my housing to get any feedback on colour, composition, focus, exposure, steadiness, etc. Not a great way to work on my skills as I have to wait until I'm out of the water to see my mistakes but guess I'll have to deal with it. I figure I will have bought my new set-up prior to my March 2012 trip to Indonesia (Triton Bay, Misool, Halmahera), so I want to have the appropriate equipment for that sort of diving - it will be predominantly a mix of macro and reef shots and maybe some random blue water shots if any big stuff shows up. It's going to be a huge outlay of money (for me at least) for a new housing and camera so I wanted to determine the best strategy for a lens. Apart from the big annual trips, I'll be diving locally in and around Sydney which, as you may know, is typically 10 metre visibility, relatively green water and a good bit of macro life. From what you are saying, it sounds like I would be okay for a while with the standard port and the flip macro (though I do have dreams of seeing my first whale shark and being ready to film it). I've scheduled a trip to Socorro for Feb 2013, so I figure that I'll need a wide lens by then. I think I will definitely need a red or orange flip filter up front (can you have both a macro and a red filter in the new housing at the same time?) as I often like shooting without my lights when diving in Sydney.
  4. Hi Peter, I'm new to the forum and also considering upgrading to a 550 / Bluefin. Currently I have / am still learning the basics on an HC7 / Bluefin. I had a look at your Raja Ampat video and was impressed as well. Did you use your Fathom 90 for all of the underwater shots, including the macro? Thanks! Rebecca
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