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  1. Hi, I 'm interested in the viewfinder. You can report the price of shipping to Barcelona. Thank you
  2. An awesome video, as usual Rafa. Well done!!!! Precioso!!!
  3. Hi Yes, CMC is about +17 but the SMC is about +12. Saga +25 will works perfect on your camera. You can find the Saga +25 at Reef Photo, they sell SAGA products and I think they have some unit of this lens. If you need anything else about this lenses, please, let me know. Best regards from Spain. Jordi
  4. Hi I can help you In wich camera you want to use the lens? In a DSLR it doesn't works, the +25 lens is designed only for compact cameras, and is really awesome in cameras like Sony RX100 (I,II,III) Canon S-series... Here you can see some pictures of a friend of us who is using a Canon S-100 and the +25 lens If you are DSLR user, you can use till the +20, is hard to use but with an awesome optical quality. The lens what more I use are +10 (same power than Subsee) and +15 more powerful than SMC. Here you can see 2 pictures with my Canon 7D, Canon 100mm macro and +15 lens. No crop. And finally, 3 pictures (only with the 100mm, with the +10, and +15) Hope that pictures can help you Jordi
  5. Hi I'm sorry but is not allowed to dive with dolphins and whales in the Canary Islands, they are very protected. All the pictures that you can see on internet are from people who have permission from the spanish/canarian government. And I can asure you that is not easy to have this kind of permission. Sorry
  6. One more macro shot from Bonaire. Canon 7D in Nauticam Housing and 100mm macro, SAGA +15 Macro lens and 2 x Inon z-240. https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5595/14030138047_1709162757_c.jpg" Hope you like it
  7. Congratulations Pepe, an excellent video.
  8. Hi I agree, the quality of both lens is the same. I prefer the SAGA lens because is smaller and lighter. I don't know about prices where you are based, but normally the price for Saga lens in Europe is lower than Subsee (Saga +10 is 195€). Also you can stack 2 lenses with this accesory http://www.sagadive.com/product_info.php?cPath=47_205&products_id=921&language=en Now i'm using the +15 diopter lens. Is a little bit more powerfull than SMC and lighter than the subsee +10. Cheers
  9. Uops... one P was lost Thanks, Coinee. Glad you like it
  10. Hi all 4 years without posting on wetpixel... too much time. Just 2 pictures from Bonaire (the place where i would like to live) with the macro lens +15 from SAGA Dive. Hoe you like it.
  11. Thanks for all your comments, guys!!! Alex, this picture was taken in the wreck "Dragonera" in the harbour of Tarragona, at -15m depth, aprox
  12. Hi all With this picture i won the 2th prize in macro. I'm very happy with my first prize in an on-line competition. Regards
  13. Hi Mark I saw your images on your flickr, and those sarks and teeth are really stunning. The last one is my favourite, very nice pic!!!
  14. Hi Tunc The first one and the last one, are really awesome images. Congratulations!!!
  15. Thanks guys for your kind comments Hi Damo Now i'm using a Canon 400D (Rebel XTi) in a Sea&Sea housing for the 350D, with 2 x Inon z-240 and lenses are 100mm, Tokina 10-17 or Sigma 17-70mm. Thanks for your comment
  16. Thanks guys, Happy that likes the pictures!!!! I don't know why, but first picture it's not available, i put it here Cheers
  17. Some picture from this magical island. I hope that likes the pictures. Regards
  18. Thanks guys I'm happy that likes the picture!!!
  19. Hi Steve Thanks for comment. I use a Canon 400d (rebel xti) in a S&S housing and 2 Inon z-240. This pic is shoted with the tokina 10-17mm Kind regards
  20. Hi guys Let me show on of my pictures here, I hope I will learn a lot in wetpixel. It's from Bonaire, in november. The model is Mònica, my wife. I hope that likes
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