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  1. Well, I can tell you that it is a nice focusing light. It has never flooded and I only used it a few times, all in fresh water (cave diver). I would not recommend it as a video light due to it's narrow coverage but I am sure you could use it with a diffuser or maybe use two video lights to widen the coverage.. Also, this light will not turn off when the strobe fires. It did not make a difference when I used it as a modeling light. I had no issues, other than size, with this light. I am now using a Solas light, lighter to travel with and compact. Dive safe, Celia Bump!!
  2. I have a very lightly used (a couple of weekends in freshwater only) Fisheye 750DX http://www.backscatter.com/sku/fe-led750.lasso You can have it for $200 plus shipping (CONUS). I also have a brand new Fisheye 1500DX with battery and charger for $450 plus shipping http://www.backscatter.com/sku/fe-led1500.lasso Dive safe, Celia
  3. For sale a lightly used Fisheye FIX LED 750 DX focusing light. Uses 8 AA batteries and I only used it for the first set of batteries. Just came back from Truk and it performs great under low light conditions. I have also used it in caves here in North Florida and I don't even have to turn on my primary when diving. Has barely visible scratches (duh, I used it) but never flooded or mistreated. Selling it due to upgrade (Sola). I need to offset the cost of the new light :-0 Asking $300 plus shipping within CONUS. Picture son request, but it looks just like the ad pictures....PayPal ok. Thank you for looking and dive safe, Celia cevesque@gmail.com
  4. Thank you, looks like the light is going to Backscatter... I'll take a peek at the Intovas, the Sola 1200 we borrowed was really NICE, just short burn time.. Dive safe, Celia
  5. Hi guys, I have a Fisheye FIX 1000 LED video light that refuses to work properly. I am thinking the switch is bad since when rotated it gives a full battery indication and the light indicates it should be working. Beyond that there is nothing happening. We were in Truk when it happened and were very lucky to be able to borrow a friend's Sola. Anyone know where I could send it for repair? Thanks in advance, Celia
  6. Kieran, I bought the one w/o filter set... Very happy with the light. Jose's description is very accurate. Dive safe, Celia
  7. Received the light on Friday, dove it Saturday! Great light, thank you!! Dive safe, Celia
  8. You still have the lights for sale? Dive safe, Celia
  9. Dave Haas has one for sale, take a look at the latest posts. Dive safe, Celia
  10. will you consider parting with one of the batteries (NiHM, right?) Dive safe, Celia
  11. The bulb will work, I did convert it to the LED. Took a little modification to the reflector since the LED bulb's diameter is larger than the original bulb. Only thing that may bother some people would be that the modeling/focusing LED light no longer has a tight spot, more of a flood due to the reflector not being designed for the bulb, but to me it did not make much difference. The NiCad battery pack that the DS 125 had was also not holding a decent charge so I used the instructions Bill Libecap posted on the forum and voila, I now have a DS 125 NiHM battery pack and an LED modeling/focusing light. (now I have no make sure it doesn't flood...) Happy camper here...thank you wetpixel... Dive safe, Celia
  12. Thank you! I had a scratch on my Aquatica port that was fine underwater but would annoy me on over/under shots. The Kit saved it (after a very stiff drink and lots of talking to myself before I started) Dive safe, Celia
  13. I guess that will be my next step, I'll post whatever I learn. Dive safe, Celia
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