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  1. Hi Im based in UK Im looking to buy a Nauticam 45 viewfinder...
  2. Hi all Im selling an Inon Z240 TYPE 4 on ebay ending soon thanks
  3. Hi all Im selling a selling subal 45 viewfinder on ebay ending soon thanks
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I have used 3 viewfinders so far. I used an Inon 45 viewfinder on Ikelite housing. This had an adapter and went over the ikelite viewfinder so it could be fitted and removed underwater. It was quite nice to be able to take it off during a dive and it made an enormous difference. Since then I never dove without a viewfinder. Now I use a Subal 45 viewfinder on Subal housing. I love it. Very high quality. And small, so its easier to see the LCD screen. I also have a Subal straight viewfinder suits my stile much better. One image in this review by Alex Mustard http://wetpixel.com/articles/thoughts-on-viewfinders-and-mini-review-nauticam-45-degree seems to suggest that the Nauticam view is larger but Im not sure if thats just a lens perspective issue. I never used a Nauticam viewfinder but the diopter I think is just another thing to occlude the LCD view...
  5. Can those who tried more then one viewfinder give their thoughts? How do viewfinders from Subal, Nauticam, Aquatica, Sea&Sea, Inon, Seacam (etc) compare? Size weight magnification sharpness Thanks
  6. I contacted Aquatica regarding the weigh of their EM1 housing. Here is the answer: Housing (no grips) - 1875g Housing (+ grips) - 2250g 8" Dome - 785g 4" Dome 330g
  7. I Use the backpack solution for years. Whitin required size, but absolutely overweight. I always travel with a jacket with big pockets. If I see that the specific airline is weighting the hand luggage then a couple of strobes, a couple of lenses, viewfinder and focus light quickly go into the jacket... bag weighted... and a few steps away... back into the backpack...
  8. London, UK I have for sale a Sola photo 600. Great condition, rarely used. Holds battery like new. PM me with your offer if you are interested Thank you
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