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  1. What camera or port is it for? Model number? The link does not take us to the specific model. Thanks Bill
  2. Not sure which strobes you have but the Inon S2000 are very compact. I have the Inon D2000 strobes which are the same light output as the S2000 but are larger, more expensive and have more settings you probably won't use. If I was starting over, I would go with dual S2000 or 240's. The Inon 240 are twice as powerful on max but considerably larger, heavier, and more expensive. I am shooting macro now and the smaller strobe bodies would be nice. Does anyone use the Inon 240's on wide angle wrecks or do you use larger strobes?
  3. I would get two of the same strobes. That way one does not overpower the other and leave a shadow. Say you do find that magic setting on each strobe to give the same light output, but now you need to change one! Where do you set the other? I know strobes are expensive but I have never regretted going to twin Inon d2000 stobes and a Sola focus light. The quality of my pictures improved such that I won't even look at my pictures before I went to dual strobes.
  4. Lots of great info there! A friend used a simple piece of flat (1/8th inch thick?) aluminum bar stock from Home Depot. Drill four mounting holes and cut to length with a hacksaw. Drill one hole on each end for a vertical handle and two holes slightly left of the middle for the housing mounting thumb screws. I would round the ends of corners with a file too. Offset the center holes just enough to allow the use of the hand strap. All you have in the setup is two handles and a little work. My ULCS extension doesn't give me room for my hand between the housing and the right handle. Bill
  5. I put two jumbo floats on each forward arm. They will barely fit. You must turn the arm a certain way to get the arms parallel for macro and to be able to turn the clamp handles. My two Inon +6 diopters a make the camera really heavy. But yes, they help! Much more flotation and cheaper that the float arms. You need the large OD arms to get any flotation. Bill
  6. Many of our group use DUAL Inon D2000, but the S2000 seems to be smaller with the same light output. The 240 has twice the light output. Both stobes need to be the same model or one will cause shadows. You need two strobes to light both sides of your subject, eliminate shadows, and minimize back scatter. Adding a Sola photo 600 or 800 as a focusing light really helped in low light conditions. The built in light on the D2000 is worthless because we never point our strobes directly at the subject to minimize back scatter. The Solar 1200 or 2000 would be good for video, but you will want at least two. You need two lights to light both sides of your subject, eliminate shadows, and minimize back scatter. I even see some people using three. Loclines seems to work well. No cheap solutions, but the quality of the photos really increased when I spent the money well. Bill
  7. UCLS (Ultralight) makes decent arms and clamps. See the reefphoto website. You really will want two strobes. You are spending how much on your trip and only bringing back what? pictures... Two strobes are easier to use than one. Do not point the strobes directly at your subject.(you illuminate the particles in front of your subject. Point the strobes so they just overlap in front of your subject. Either side by side or top and side. For WA you probably want 8 or 12 inch arms. Shorter arms are easier to deal with at first. You might want some STIX foam floats. Bill
  8. Second on the Inon D2000, S2000, or Z240 with fiber optic cable.
  9. Could you send a link to the extra O-ring? I am in the USA and not sure where to start looking because every Inon strobe comes with an extra O-ring. You are right in that the battery compartment is not sealed from the electronics. The capacitor can fry at any time. Inon Customer Service will say you over heated the strobe by firing it too often. The manual says you can fire only every 30 seconds. (Yeah, right!??!) Then they will offer to sell you one at a discount (their cost). I carry an extra stobe, housing, and camera on long trips.
  10. Can you raise your flash inside the housing? If you can the flash enough for the flash to work, strap a fiber optic cable and use a real strobe. A focus light is fine for video, but nothing comes close to the quality prints produced by a strobe. Bill
  11. It is not cheap, but I love the Sola 600 photo (now Sola 800 photo). Turns red with a switch. Three levels of white and three levels of red. Very bight white. Our entire group each bought one (or two). It is very small, compact, has external charging port, so flooding is not really an issue. Just do not mistake it with the Sola 800 dive light. I started with the Big Blue, but it has not been wet since, save your money.
  12. I want two of the clamps if they are the new style and in good shape. Can you send a pic? Thanks Bill Billmackbarnes@yahoo.com
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