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  1. Just to let you guys know, I've purchased the P7000 with its FP7000 housing. First thing I did was firmware update to 1.1. Last weekend I took it for a test dive and it worked seamlessly. Focus was very fast, shuttler lag is minor (practically none). Very easy to perform manual underwater WB. The housing's flash diffuser is huge and provides very natural light distribution. Will share some photos soon !. Meni,
  2. On eBay, both LX5 and its ikelite housing are approx. $550 each that comes down to a total of $1,100+ approx. The deal I was thinking of is $850 for both camera and fantasea housing. (on sepaeate auctions, its $460 for the camera and $400 for the housing). I was thinking of the Oly pen as well..., but its about $650 for the camera and another $650 for the housing, $1,300 is already far far away from $850 I was aiming for. @James, I was refering to the canon WP-DC?? housing that requries external fiber optics installed (not sure how good this is as I have no experience in external lights for underwater photography). I was under the impression that the fantasea housing that already has those fiber optics installed would work better.
  3. Thanks a lot Don, I've heard P7000 got a firmware update that should solve the slow RAM writes and AF performance. Generally I'm a Nikon fan in the DSLR space. I appreciate your help deciding against the G12 due to its AF and shutter lag performance. I also noticed that in order to get AF working in video mod I'll have to use a customized firmware. A functionality that is native to P7000. I think i'll read more about the P7000 firmawre fixes and possibly go that direction. In that case, I promise a complete authentic user experience review on the set. PS. If I remember correctly, S90 doesn't shoot 720p video, also S90 / S95 housings I've seen don't support external lights which is an option I would like to keep open.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to decide on a similar budget ($1000-). I came across another interesting alternative which is the P7000 + FP7000. There are deals on ebay for this combination for about $850 (buy it now). The P7000 case seems to be better comparing to the canon ones (double o-ring, deeper 60m rating, fiber optic for external lights and more). Problem is that I didn't find a single user report on this unit. Hope this helps, Meni.
  5. Hello, I am an amature photographer (Nikon DSLR + lens + flash, etc...) and do scuba diving as well. So far I've mixed my hobbies using a Canon S40 + Canon housing. The S40 is too slow to operate and the housing shows some cracks and I would therefore like to have it replaced. The D200 housing is way too expensive, and I think it'll also be too complex to operate underwater. I am therefore trying to decide between G12 + WP-DC34 and P7000 + FP7000. I know that the G12 has an underwater WB settings that the P7000 is missing, on the other hand the FP7000 seems to be a much better housing comparing to the WP-DC34 (support for external flash, double O-ring, depth rating suggests more robust case). Also when shooting off-water, I can use my Nikon SB-800 with the p7000. Will appreciate your suggestions regarding the two alternatives (LX5 + Ikelite is too expensive for my pocket). Also if there is a FP7000 owner that is willing to share his experience on this case -- I'll be happy to get some real user experience information as I couldn't find one on the net. Thanks, !, Meni.
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