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  1. I like the Cetacea lanyards. I use those even on my dive lights, in addition to the camera.
  2. HI Camilla, What did you hear about the Sea & Sea D7000? Just curious what info you saw on it.... Post edited: Admin
  3. Some Sola Video 1200 lights would do the trick.
  4. A lot of our customers have been happy with a Dyron macro lens, which you can use w/ your camera with the Olympus adapter.
  5. maybe he had a change of heart sometime between the fishing trip and the shooting of the video. after all, it says the trip happened a year before he'd began thinking about making the documentary.
  6. Wonderful! Are you going to submit it to film festivals? What are your plans for it?
  7. Wow! I like how he kept eyeing you warily. Funny stuff. That camera takes great video; very nice.
  8. I have a pretty prominent schnozz, but it fits into my HydroOptix mask without any problems.
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