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  1. I have a standard medium size boltsnap (1" eye for finger) tied to the bottom right hand grip on my Aquatica using 5mm prussik cord. once tighted correctly and the sail water hits it a few times, the knots becomes bombproof.


    To go hands free for a short period I'll typically chest clip the rig off, but for longer hauls (e.g. scootering or laying line) I'll wrap it up and clip to my right hip or wing d-ring. I don't like the idea of a long tether because it is an entrapment concern, though I'll admit this is mostly a tec thing.


    I'd also recommend against using keyring (aka splitrings) as they tend to catastrophically failed under load and it doesn't take much for that to happen. Might not be a problem in the water, but I could imagine a tossing boat and handling issues becoming a problem.



    I like the Cetacea lanyards. I use those even on my dive lights, in addition to the camera.

  2. Very sad and very powerful. The history of Kenya's fisheries is a long line of lessons on how NOT to treat our coast seas. The work you are doing is one of the first brights spots I have seen there. Congratulations and please, PLEASE keep up this great work!

    - Shawn



    Wonderful! Are you going to submit it to film festivals? What are your plans for it?

  3. I have a pretty prominent schnozz, but it fits into my HydroOptix mask without any problems.



    With larger noses there are normally a couple of issues. Pain / pinching under the nose at the septum and pain / pinching at the bridge / forehead. If your pain is at the bridge then avoid low profile masks and you would be better off with a single lens mask as their is no frame in this area as opposed to a twin lens mask. For pain at the bottom / septum, look for something than does not press against the bottom of your nose but still has enough skirt on your top lip to seal properly.


    Personally I use a Beuchat X1. I used to use an oceanic shadow and it was fine for 40min but painful after that.

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