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  1. The Ray passed really next to you ! It is an amazing shoot !! Congratulations
  2. Nice set I love the one with the small fish !! You've made a nice job especially because you where extremely near the fish, which make a really good photo
  3. Hey ! I love your photos !! These shark are incredible, like the shoots !!! You must be really courageous to be so close to the sharks Jack
  4. Wow it is really impressive !!!! I would have been scared !! Nice photo and it should be a great experience to live. I hope one day I will have the opportunity to live one Even if at first I will be scared ! Thanks for the photos ! Jack
  5. Thank you for all your answers I will take all your advices into account ! I will tell you which one I have choose Jack
  6. I think the thing is we should not touch nothing ! But I don't understand why we can make damage if we do everything alright?! Other stuff are arming stronger the sealife...
  7. Thank you very much Chris for your answer and your tips I think I will go for the Ikelite, but I still wondering ! I will tell you when I made my choice ! Maybe the Canon are bether for the Brand no ? I am really sorry, I don't now these camera well...
  8. Hello everyone !!! I have doubt in the choice of my camera !! I would be grateful if you can give me tips for a good camera with excellent definition and resolution. I have doubt between the DC 1000 Sealife and the PENTAX Optio W90... What do you think ?
  9. Thank you very much for this report !!! Seems to be amazing !! I will take note of your report to learn more about underwater photos. I cant wait to make one, But I need more tips !!! Jack
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