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  1. I am selling my less used Seacam Silver housing for the Canon EOS R5. I've done three diving trips with it, otherwise it was stowed away warm and dry in my closet. The housing works perfectly and has typical for Seacam less signs of useage. Everything works and can be moved or pressed. There was no water inside the housing. Current new price ist 5,220€ which I reduce to 4,400€ for only three times of use. Shipping is additional. Payment by PayPal or cash when picking up in the Cologne area, Germany. The scope of delivery includes: - Seacam Silver housing for Canon EOS R5 - Port cover - cover for the viewfinder opening (the viewfinder is not included) - main O-ring - two handles with screws and sacrificial plates - Seacam spare parts bag (see picture) - allen key for the handles
  2. Hi, im selling my NA-502 monitor housing in brand new condition. Unfortunately I wasnt able to connect it with my housing so that it was sleeping now for a while in my cupboard. I also sell a used Small HD 501 in good condition. Whats in the box - unused NA-502 with cables (check pictures) - used Small HD 501 - additional HDMI cable (seems like it is broken) - HDMI port - Nauticam adapter for a smaller thread with HDMI port Price 1650 Euro with shipping in Germany. Im shipping worldwide - buyer pays additional costs. Paypal only.
  3. Hi all, I just recieved my Nauticam monitor housing NA-502 with the cable and hdmi socket. Unfortunately the Nauticam socket seems to be M16 and the Seacam socket is M14. I was searching for adapters or M14 sockets with no success. Do you guys have ideas what I can do?
  4. m4cron

    Sola Nightsea

    Hi, I am selling my Sola Nightsea in very good condition! With the lamp comes: - yellofilter - charger - handgrip - bag - yellowfilter mask - ballmount Price: 400 Euro excl. shipping
  5. Hello, Im looking forward to buy a monitor for filming and photography. For photography I like macro and super macro and want a monitor which helps me to check the focus point /sharpness after a shot. I talked to several people now and have two systems on my list: DNC-7A(H1) and SmallHD501 Thats what I found out on my own DNC-7A(H1): pros: cheaper, smaller, lighter, 7inch size contra: 1280*800 pixel, internal batteries SmallHD501: pros: external LP-E6, 1920*1280 pixel contra: cheaper, heavier, 5 inch size My opinion is that I can life with the internal battery from the DNC-7A(H1). But is the resolution @ 7 inch enough to check images for sharpnes/focus/backscatter? It would be great to hear your opinions!
  6. Hi! Im looking for a monitor with housing! please send offers with price as pn! Best regards Martin
  7. New prize 1700 Euro with shipping in Europe. I can ship worldwide after calculating additional costs.
  8. New prize 1850 Euro with shipping in Europe.
  9. Hello, I would like to sell my Seacam 5D MKII housing. It is in very good condition and has only minor scratches as you can see on the images. The cable on the inside for remote control is installed. The case comes with handles, two seals and spare parts. As a prize, I imagine 2000 euros including shipping in Europe. I will ship nearly worldwide, additional costs have to be calculated. I also sell an EOS 5D MKII with a lot equipment, too.
  10. Actually I found a good housing . Thanks to the forum.
  11. Hi, I am interested in at the FMP. My mail ist martin@do-om.de
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