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  1. Never, ever, do a pool test on a new housing with a camera inside it! I always fill mine with toilet tissue as it gives a good indication of where, if any, leaks are coming from (obviously if the whole of the tissue is saturated there is a bit of a problem...but at least it's not on the camera ). The pics of the housing do seem weir so I'd certainly be taking it back). Steve
  2. It sounds to me as though you're trying to view/edit HD footage on a computer that can't handle it. If it is skipping when viewing on the Camera monitor then I would suggest not using it anymore and taking it back to where you got it from and have them replace it (especially if this happened after the very first time you used it - don't accept that "return to manufacturer for repair" answer; demand a new one and then check it in the shop). Hope that helps, Steve
  3. I always carry camera on-board and wouldn't recommend leaving it in the housing. Steve
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