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  1. Preferably the nauticam or recsea housing, would buy package or housing + cam.
  2. I actually have a D300. I saw a D300 Subal housing for a great price on eBay. I love my Canon s1xx series, and have a recsea housing. I primarily shoot macro, but i have a D300 for wildlife photography above water. I thought hard about getting the D300 housing, but I take video of animal behaviour underwater at times, and wouldn't want to lose that. So I thought, next best thing, look for a D300s housing. And yes, I would need the body. @Crowey, feel free to PM me.
  3. subal, nauticam, etc.. macro port would be great. Anyone moving up?
  4. I understand defective products get out, but a torch is important. It's not when I am on an oil rig in Malaysia that I want to realize the thing is ittermittently crapping out. For 500eur, I expect a 'professional' product has had burn in time. We are talking about a 500eur flashlight, right :-) Compared to the Sola, there are some big things missing, like no way to know if the battery in your light is charged, zero feedback. Also, the charger, when empty or no connect, is green, which means 'good'. Couple that with the issue where the batts are not connecting, and this is a huge fail imo. I am sorry if my review sounded harsh, but seriously, check out this photo of the charger (http://www.chrisevans3d.com/pub_blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/itorch.jpg), how is it 'professional' to have a bare PCB and solder points on the charger for a marine device? I just checked, mine takes a full press fast off and on to cycle. I know that seems not a big deal, but at night, someone turning their torch on and off 5 times is not normal, they seem in need of attention. CE
  5. I would like to chime in here. As a Sola Photo 800 user, I decided to buy another torch and give the sola to my girlfriend. I bought the pro video 4. In the past two weeks I tried to use it on ~30 dives. Let me just get to it: there is nothing 'PRO' about this torch, in all things it is unprofessional. The charger has exposed soldering and looks like a child's science project. The batteries do not fit in the charger and required my jamming a bobby pin into one end to even charge properly. I received it with one bad/dead battery that is unable to charge. Sometimes the charger AC adapter says 'green' but the batterry is not charged (no proper battery connection, or empty charger == green: FAIL! I-Torch FAIL!) Now on to diving. There is some intermittent issue with the Pro Video 4 where it turns on for 5 seconds and then turns off. I have had it work fine on the surface and then do this underwater, or work fine underwater after not working on the surface. This is NOT a torch for night diving. It seems an issue with the nipple of the batteries not sticking out enough (?) I cannot figure it out. It's just an exercise in frustration. There is no feedback that the battery is getting low or even charged like the Sola. It is not flooding, always dry. Operation: This is so clumsy. Let's say you want to turn on bright red because you see a crustacean. You must do the following: TURN OFF, TURN ON, TURN OFF, TURN ON, TURN OFF, TURN ON. One full off/on cycle for each level of brightness. Makes Sola seem like a friggin work of art! DO NOT BUY a torch based on the images of brightness above. The sola is expensive, but it f*cking works, this thing is trash, I will try to return it for cash, but the housing scratches so easily I-Torch Pro Video 4: Exercise in frustration
  6. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=140600031300 I was thinking about buying this kit, but I have been unable to find these strobes, are they any good? Thanks
  7. Hi guys, I am going to be diving the Red Sea and Zanzibar this summer and just bought my first strobe from backscatter! They claim it "can be used for all applications from wide-angle to macro photography".. However, I thought the arm really doesn't get the strobe too far from where my flash is: Also, though the site said the Sea & Sea mask worked with this housing, it doesn't fit... I will have to maybe saw through the metal ring the cable connects to fitting.. So do I now buy an extender to attach to this arm? I don't want to get to Egypt and realize that I need something. Do you think this will work? CE
  8. Here are the strobes I have found, but it's not easy finding info about all of them: Fuji Remora: 300usd arm/tray/strobe Inon S-2000: 680usd arm/tray/strobe IkeLite AF-35: 420usd arm/tray/strobe SS YS02: 450-540usd arm/tray/strobe SS YS01: 550-625usd arm/tray/strobe SeaLife SL961: 350usd arm/tray/strobe/case Can anyone give me feedback about a S-TTL strobe vs a Unless there's a cheaper Inon bundle, I was wondering if anyone found articles talking about the remora vs the ikelite? I could also get the Inon, but an arm/tray from elsewhere, I see the AF35 arm/tray for 40usd. Also any s95 users know if I should snag a video light? I would really like to spend less than ~500usd, but we shall see... CE
  9. Any help would be appreciated! I live in Germany but am in the US this next 1.5 weeks, I would of course like to purchase photo equipment here rather than back home due to the usd/eur conversion.
  10. Thank you guys so much for the awesome replies! I might make my gf carry my lil laptop above. It has a 300gb hd, and is ok speed wise. I have a large crumpler, but with a 400/2.8 it's still cramped for a laptop. One last thing, anyone ever see any of those devices that dupe a CF or SD card to another? That could be an option as this stuff gets cheaper, Just get some class 2s. I don't use that much space, only when I am shooting hdr light probes. CE
  11. This is why I said 'laptop vs wallet vs tablet'. I have a laptop, but it is pretty large [link] I have so much photo equipment, and will be spending 6 weeks in africa, I would like to not have the laptop if possible. I have no need to get online, etc. So your vote would be for 'netbook'? I will look more into those, I have been having trouble looking for tablets.
  12. I am going on a 1.5 month trip and would like to back up my photos. I don't really want to carry my laptop around with me just because I have so much photo gear already. I looked around, my last trip I tried two digital wallets that died (DigiMate II below), and thought this tech may have improved. The new ones seem to cost an upwards of 300 bucks [<a href="http://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?op=itemlist&cat1=Computer%20Systems&cat2=Memory%20Cards%20%26%20Pocket%20Storage&cat3=Portable%20Photo%20%26%20Data%20Storage%20Devices&feature1=HyperDrive" "="">link] So this then got me thinking, why not buy a tablet, even if it was 100 bucks more, at least then it would do a lot more.. Does anyone know of tablets that can connect to external usb HDs or card readers? Most of the cheap ones are Android based, I was unaware if android could do that? Anyone care to share their solutions to this old problem? CE
  13. I have an s95 and DC38. I am going on a dive vacation around red sea, capetown, etc. I have used the above combo a lot for freediving, and that's great. But at any depth (SCUBA), and especially considering a few night dives, I think it's time for a strobe. I have been looking at these strobes at backscatter: Sea&Sea YS01 Sea&Sea YS02 IkeLite AF35 So, I was wondering what people had good results with? Also, how does the TTL function on the YS01 work? I see no port for a wire or fiber on the dc35. Sorry if a repost, I searched for 'DC38' and it came up with nothing, which I found hard to believe! Thanks! CE
  14. A link for anyone stumbling upon this later: http://www.amphibico.com/store/carry-cases...nce-charts.html So, this leads me to my next question, at 150USD, are there waterproof slates (like this above) that I can just put my own colorchart into?
  15. LOL @ Pace, if anyone knows UW S3D it's Cameron, the internets are also saying Avatar2 will be underwater.
  16. Here's someone using one to illustrate a point in a book: http://books.google.com/books?id=RczYU_l55...p;q&f=false CE
  17. Hi guys, I can field some questions about s3d. In the past I have made some UW s3d rigs out of s95s, but I had to clang the bar to sync and they drift quite a bit (will look around and upload examples). I just got the gopro s3d housing/sync cable, talking to the EyeOfMine guys about a flat lens housing for it. Anyway, I have been into s3d photography for a while and even worked on the film mentioned above! Just joined here because I am going on a 1.5 month diving vacation and want to make sure I have the right gear that will last. CE
  18. I did a search of the forum, anyone have any info on charts that are waterproof? Many are made with paints that can't even last through rain (found out the hard way with my colorchecker passport!) Do any of you use anything to check/calibrate colors underwater, especially for scientific or reference photography? CE
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