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  1. Hi, do you still have this port? If so could you tell me the ikelite number for it please? Cheers, Nick
  2. hi, is this still available? does it have 67 mm thread? also i am in the UK so shipping might need adjusting... thanks
  3. Hi all, im on the lookout for an ikelite flat port, DLM 5516.50. Maybe someone has one lying around gatherng dust...? i know its a long shot but worth a try... cheers, Nick
  4. Any idea on shipping to USA  postal zip code 44224?

    You can also reply to davidhaas4596@gmail.com 


    1. nickthegreeek


      hi mate, sorry for late response, only just saw your message. should be able to get it to you for around $17/£13.  it says 5+ days for delivery... does that sound ok?


    2. dhaas



      Thanks for replying but I located one here in the US. I'll pass on your lens for sale though to anyone interested !


      David Haas


    3. nickthegreeek


      thanks. apreciate. its sold now anyway.



  5. Hi, are these still for sale? do they have 67mm threads? thanks.
  6. Hi, does this have a 67mm thread? or is it a smaller 52 thread? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I am selling my The UWL - H100 type 2 wide angle wet lens as ive upgraded to DSLR and no longer need it. I used it with an RX100 ii rig and had great results with it. The UWL - H100 type 2 is as good as new, no scratches or water marks. Comes for front and rear element protective caps. Cheapest i can find in UK is £360. Asking £250 as it is in great condition. https://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-inon-uwl-h100-type-2-m67-wide-angle-conversion-lens.htm Buyer pays postage. sensible offers only please. Cheers, Nick (I had included this item with a previous post to sell as a package but all the other items are now sold. i hope this dosent break forum rules but i couldnt quite see how to delete the previous post)
  8. Hi all, Canon housing from the back of the cupbaord for sale! Posting here as I thought it might be possible that someone here has one of these old cameras lying around and needs a housing. Served me well when i first started taking pics underwater. Never failed, no leakes or serious damage. obviously has wear and tear. Just thought id ask here before i put on ebay. Please make an offer if anybody is interested! Thanks, Nick
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