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  1. Hi thanks for your response. To set the scene I currently run a Sony rx100 mk ii rig with ysd2s on fiber optic cables. I've always enjoyed shooting it and very happy with the results but I want to try switching to dslr to see what I can achieve. The 200d is as up to date a dslr as I can afford really. And I already have the tokina 10 17 so really all I need is a housing that allows for fiber optics. I am more considering the ikelite again as I have read now that you can use a ttl to fiber otice converter device?? Sounds like it might be good option...
  2. Well thanks very much for the info... The ikelite is looking more attractive now! I thought sea and sea or someone similar might be planning one. Had emailed them but no answer... Thanks again...
  3. Hi all, I have just picked up a Canon 200d/sl2 and I'm hoping to take it UW one day but so far the only housing option I have found is the ikelite one... Current set up is for fiber optics so I'm not to keen on going down the ikelite path but I can't seem to find an alternative... I know a lot of industry types are hanging out here and I wondered if any amongst you know if there are other manufacturers making or planning to make a housing for the 200d... Or if anyone has one for sale of course.. Thanks for any info, Nick
  4. hi is this gear sold or do you still have the lens for sale? cheers, nick
  5. hi, do you stiill have the lens or did you sell everything? cheers, nick
  6. still for sale? can i ask your reason for selling? cheers
  7. i honestly have no idea.. it was borrowed from a friend and is now in indonesia while i am in malta.... please advise regarding this achromatic version with markings... would be very helpful to know as i am currently shopping for a new one.... thanks
  8. also, @ interceptor121, im not much on the technical details but i have been using this lens - uwl 100 - (borrowed from a friend) with my rx100 ii in a recsea house with no vignetting at all... by the way thanks for your articles on this topic on your blog. was very helpful to me when i was choosing the lens for my system. i ended up buying a second hand uwl 04 which was ok but gave me very soft corners so i routinely ended up zooming in a lot and loosing much of the 'width' the only problem i encountered with the uwl 100 was what i believe is called 'chromatic aberation' (?). sometimes when i am editing the images i start to see little rainbow artifacts around the outer areas of the image. i will try to find an example and post it. still this lens is the best one i have treid for the rx100 ii system i have. cheers
  9. thanks for your reply, please consider me if you decide to let the lens go seperatley. i dont think it will reduce your chances of selling the rest of the setup here. incidentally is the thread on the lens 67 mm? thanks again, nick
  10. hello, im very much interested in the lenses, if you would consider selling them seperately, are they in good condition? no scratches etc? cheers, nick
  11. hi there, im very interested in the wide angle lens, would you consider selling it seperately? is it in good condition? cheers, nick
  12. yeah i was thinking similar but there is an adapter to fit the normal canon ef (?) lenses though i guess this might cause problems with fitting inside ports and stuff... i guess we'll see but i cant find any reference to a housing for the m3 anyway!
  13. hello all, was just looking at some early reviews of the canon eos m3 and it looks to me like a very exciting camera, but then im not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to camera specs etc.... does anyone know if there is any housings planned for this camera? google has no answers but then maybe thats not surprising since the camera has not been released yet... just interested to know if anyone has any insider info. thanks, nick
  14. thanks interceptor, the shots are beautiful particularly like the sunburst and the mermaid shot. very cool. are they full quality when uploaded to flikr or compressed at all? you think the above set up would work but with switching the camera? would also be interested to hear any other set up suggestions... vondo, thanks also,was thinking about mirrorless systems a little too, quite interested to see if anyone is going to make a housing for the soon to arrive canon m3.... alex do you know if nauticam are planning to make one?
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