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  1. Hello pixlers! due to a recent and traumatic flooding incident im looking to replace one of my strobes. If anyone has or knows of a Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobe for sale i would love to hear about it. I think they were discontinued long ago and i definitley cant afford the new model! Fingers crossed... Thanks team
  2. Thanks for all the helpful info team. will be looking into options soon. might be time to upgrade the whole system anyway although that will have to wait for funding issues to be resolved. Im currently using canon 200d and tokina 10-17 in an ikelite box with (well was anyway) two ysd1 and although its a bit outdated and a bit budget ive had great results that im happy with. I did manage to get some reasonable shots but unfortunately without the strobes i didnt get the tiger shark sunburst mugshots i was hoping for... But i guess it just means ill have to go back! In the meantime im on the lookout for a single ys-d1 so if anyone knows of anything would be very grateful to hear about it. ill post in clssifieds anyway. willhave to post some photos here when ive been through them all! thanks again
  3. Thanks I remember reading about that when I got my system together? Is there a commercial product available now? Or do I need to macgyver something together?
  4. Thanks mate, I used to use fibre optics when I dived with rx100, made a lot more sense to me, simple and fairly indestructable, but then I decided to get an ikelite housing for my canon 200d (which I've used happily for a few years tbf) so no option for fibre optics. I really think they could add a FO port without to much trouble but hey ho. I've always used budget systems so never really had the perfect set up. Maybe have to rob a bank before the next trip. Now wondering if my insurance will pay out fir the strobes....
  5. Yeah, sadly I just can't afford to carry spares of everything. Anyway as you say, a good chance to try different techniques. Also, in trying to be positive I realised the truth... better to be diving in the maldives with no strobes than not to be diving in the maldives at all!
  6. Hi community, it's been a while but I'm in crisis mode. I just arrived in the maldives and managed to flood my strobes on day 1... not a great start. I was using two ys-d1 with a dual ikelite to sea and sea cable... one of the strobes is definitely done for and I assume this means the cable is done too as that is where the leak was... Extra upset as I'm going to fuvahmulah in a few days to see the tigers.... So... im aware that it's a super long shot but i was wondering if anyone is heading from UK to Maldives/Male/Fuvahmulah in the coming days.... I know it's very unlikely but I thought if any chance at all it's on wetpixel... Also I searched hi and low for u/w camera supplier in maldives and can't find anything... does anyone know of any shops or gear supplier here? Worst case scenario is I'll end up shooting tiger sharks with natural light... so it's not all bad :) Tanks all for any help.
  7. Hi, do you still have this port? If so could you tell me the ikelite number for it please? Cheers, Nick
  8. hi, is this still available? does it have 67 mm thread? also i am in the UK so shipping might need adjusting... thanks
  9. Hi all, im on the lookout for an ikelite flat port, DLM 5516.50. Maybe someone has one lying around gatherng dust...? i know its a long shot but worth a try... cheers, Nick
  10. Any idea on shipping to USA  postal zip code 44224?

    You can also reply to davidhaas4596@gmail.com 


    1. nickthegreeek


      hi mate, sorry for late response, only just saw your message. should be able to get it to you for around $17/£13.  it says 5+ days for delivery... does that sound ok?


    2. dhaas



      Thanks for replying but I located one here in the US. I'll pass on your lens for sale though to anyone interested !


      David Haas


    3. nickthegreeek


      thanks. apreciate. its sold now anyway.



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