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  1. I just got back from a 3 week trip and found your offer. I talked to the service guy before I left and I seem to remember that he said service was going to be in the ballpark of $600. So, I will reiterate that my bottom line is $2000 plus the full cost of the service.
  2. Such is life. If that is the case I'll just keep using it. At this point I am not dying to get rid of it. After using it for 4 years I have now gotten more accustomed to dealing with it than when I first put it up for sale. I am actually surprised that anyone went back far enough to find the listing.
  3. I understand everyone's desire to get a real bargain, but I need to get a reasonable amount for the housing. I have more than $5000 invested. If you only want the housing, with none of the other stuff, my bottom line is $2000 plus the full cost of the service, since I won't get any benefit from the service and I will be stuck with the ports and spacers that I have no use for. I have left a message on the phone of the housing service guy asking him what the cost is going to be, but have not heard back yet so I don't know what that amount will be.
  4. Depends on what you offer. The rest of the stuff doesn't do me much good without the housing.
  5. The Ikelite 4301 TTL adapter died, but I have everything else. I'll sell it all for $2500 plus half of what the service bill turns out to be.
  6. Yes, but it is currently off being serviced. I told the service guy that I didn't need it back until my next dive trip the end of July so I don't know what the schedule is, but I am sure I can find out if you are seriously interested.
  7. Yes, the outfit is still available. As I said above I'll cut the price to $3000 for everything. Note that I'm headed to Indonesia on April 22 so if you want it before I leave get back to me quickly.
  8. Hi, Amazingly I got 2 inquires the same day and I responded to the first and assumed that you would also be notified. Since I have not heard anything I am beginning to believe that only the first person got notified. So, I'll try again. See the above for the current status. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Yes, the outfit is still for sale. I'll even cut the price to $3000. I will note that I have the housing, macro port, and extension ring for the 105 macro here, however I left the dome port and extension ring for the Tokina in Indonesia on my last trip. I am going over there the end of April, returning mid-May so I can bring the rest when I return. Thanks. Dave
  10. I'd really like to sell everything as a package. However, if nobody wants the whole thing at the lower price I might consider selling the extension, zoom ring, and dome port, but not just the extension and the zoom ring. If I sell the extension and zoom ring the dome port does me, or anybody who might buy the housing any good. Check back in about a month and we'll see where we are.
  11. Housing is now back from Backscatter. New price for everything $3500, shipping included.
  12. I'm selling the following: Aquatica Housing for Nikon D800 with bulkhead connectors for Ikelite Strobes - currently at Backscatter undergoing annual maintenance Aquatica AQ-18428 flat port Aquatica AQ-18453 extension ring for 105 mm macro lens Aquatica AQ-18409 6" dome port Aquatica AQ-18546 extension ring for Tokina 10-17 mm lens XIT404 Turtle Line zoom ring and gear for Aquatica/Tokina 10-17 Ikelite 4301 TTL adapter Ultralight Aquavision Type Mount Wide I have $5122.95 invested in the above. I'll sell the whole package for $4000 (shipping included), or make me a reasonable offer. Note: If this is sold quickly I will have Backscatter ship the housing direct when they finish the maintenance. PayPal preferred.
  13. Hi, If you haven't already done something. I got a D800 for Christmas so I am looking to sell my D7000, Ikelite housing for same, Ikelite flat ports for both the 60 mm, and 105 mm, and 6 inch dome port for the Tokina 10 - 17. I am not selling any lenses or strobes/synch cords. If you're interested reply and let me know what pieces you're interested in and I'll come up with a price.
  14. Leslie, Thanks for the information. The following shots I took show the creature sucking in, what I thought was algae, but could well be the string of mucus that you describe. Mr. Macro
  15. Hi, I am uploading the first shot of a series of an unknown mollusk that I took while diving in the Philippines in February. I really didn't pay much attention to it when I took the shots, but after coming home and finding the photo series I tried to identify it and had no luck. I also showed it to Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock on a recent trip to Raja Ampat and they had no idea, but suggested that I try this forum. So, here is the first shot. This appears to show the creature's mouth and the others in the series show it pulling some algae into its mouth. Any ideas? Thanks. Mr. Macro
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