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  1. I ended up using the mangroves this winter, but they are back for sale if anyone is interested (2) Aditech Mangrove videocompact VC-4L6 with softcases and chargers.. $1000
  2. NA-7D housing with Zen port are sold. Aditech Mangrove Lights, like-new nauticam extension ring 20, ULCS Go-Pro cage, and scratched nauticam mini-dome are still For sale.
  3. Housing with Zen dome port, ball mounts, lanyard, and go-pro mount: Mangrove lights, with arms, chargers, case: Extra nauticam dome port/extension ring with scratches:
  4. For sale two packages, I will split up if there isn't interest in the complete package: Nauticam 7D: NA-7D housing Nauticam 4.33" Acrylic mini dome [scratched inside, with the tokina 10-17 you can see it when in 10-~13mm, but not ~14-17mm] Zen DP100 glass mini dome Nauticam extension ring 20 Nauticam strobe mounting balls Nauticam 20cm Lanyard and ball set Go-Pro mount Retail price: $4500 Package price: $3000 Aditech Mangrove: 2x Aditech Mangrove videocompact VC-4L6 2x battery chargers and storage case 2x ULCS T-Groove Adapter 2x Nauticam 125mm/5" double ball arm segment 4x ULCS Clamps Retail price: $2000 Package price: $1350 Pictures to follow
  5. For Sale on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Light-Motion-Stingray-...=item2eb4a41e6f The housing is two years old, I just got brand new batteries for the lights from reefphoto 2 months ago ($300), all the LED's are working in the sunray. Also comes with the tripod adapter and the weighted baseplate if you dont want to shoot with the lights mounted (good for snorkeling on bright days, less drag) Here is some video shot with this housing and a sony SR10 in the red sea: http://vimeo.com/5773983 password: egypt very reasonably priced right now at $1500 with no reserve and it's a short auction since I'm hoping to sell/ship before I head to thailand. I am willing to include the camera for an additional charge, but if I were you I'd go with the SR11 or 12 for more HD space.
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