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  1. Hello, I hadn't really considered the 60D properly - I was looking at either end of the spectrum. But you're right, I should go back and consider the 60D too. 1) Above or below? Above I shoot macro/portrait/bit of landscape, Below I like macro/WA/am interested to explore supermacro. I have mainly just used compacts for UW before, so there are new considerations and some unknowns! 2) For UW I just have Canon 60mm and Tokina 10-17mm at the moment. I have an 8" Dome port and 2 flat ports, and an Ikelite DS125. 3) No/wouldn't we all like to one day? 4) I dive mainly in warm, clear waters, but am getting more into UK diving now too. I do freedive, and have a compact/Ikelite housing which would do me fine if I were to find a DSLR a bit much for that. 5) I dive about 3-4 times a year abroad but, as mentioned above, am getting more into UK diving, and am buying a drysuit shortly...so all that could change! Having looked again at costs of Nauticam port adapters and strobe bits this afternoon, I am leaning towards staying with Ikelite - I just don't think I can afford Nauticam with all the extras needed. The only issue I've had with Ikelite housings for compact cameras is the buttons sticking - even with thorough rinsing. That can be a bit of a pain! So the biggest question now is of which body. I guess I'm wondering if the 7D would be considerably better than the 600D (or 60D) considering low-light/contrast situations which can crop up in diving, or if it wouldn't be that noticeable?
  2. Hello, Looking to gather some opinions to help me decide which set-up to go for. I have a budget and this is how the options I have looked at stack up against it (I have Canon glass so the options below are for Canon bodies): Canon 600D + Ikelite housing = Money to spare which would cover and extra lens and diopter, or good 2nd strobe Canon 600D + Nauticam housing (and port adapter) = ~£140 over budget Canon 7D + Ikelite housing = Money to spare which would cover an additional lens, and possibly diopter Canon 7D + Nauticam housing (and port adapter) = ~£882 over budget(!) I have a single Ikelite strobe, and am not sure how this would partner with a Nauticam housing (and the additional cost?), and Ikelite ports, so an adapter would be needed (included in the costings above). I'm tied between trying to work out which is better - a better camera body, or a better (more ergonomic, from what I understand) housing. Also not quite sure how much extra getting the strobe set up to use with the Nauticam would cost. The camera is used above water too, so it is a consideration to me. I could maybe stretch to the 600D/Nauticam option, but not the 7D/Nauticam. Not looking to start a big Nauticam/Ikelite debate (I've read some of those!), just to see what others would do with a similar budget/options? Thanks!
  3. Hi there! Another question - I'm looking to get a w/a conversion lens to fit 67mm thread ...any recommendations? Or suggestions on ones it would be best to avoid? Ta very much!
  4. Thanks for the feedback The NEX-5 does seem much better in that respect...which means my budget is going to be stretched as the housing options are so much more expensive! I've only ever used Ikelite before, but the website says they're working on a housing, with no info on when it will be ready. It would be good to keep under the 1K mark budget-wise, but I'm not sure this is possible with a decent EVIL...agh, decisions, decisions!
  5. Hi there, I'm looking to buy a new compact for u/w photography, and am a bit out of date on what's good in the p&s world! The ones I've been considering are: Canon Powershot s95 Canon G12 Sony Nex5 I'd like to be able to shoot wide-angle pretty decently for macro/pelagics/wrecks etc. I'm just looking for a really decent. lightweight set-up. The NEX appeals because of the lenses, and good reports but I've been a Canon girl thus far (though the latest dSLR is a Nikon!) Do any of you have opinions on these, or others? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks! Nudi
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