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  1. I am left uncertain as to your asking price. Would you consider a uk buyer. Kind regards Bob
  2. Could anyone recommend a decent UK company to repair a GoPro Hero 3 lens please. I need to swap out a damaged old one and install a new one. I appreciate there will be a number of replies that say you can do it yourself but, tbh, thats how I got in this pickle in the first place!! Many thanks Bob
  3. Thanks for the cleaning the contacts trick, I tried that too. Sadly I think it is definitely the batteries as there seems to be acid in the torch and a bit of a smell. Cheers Bob
  4. I have had the battery pack in a Sola 500 fail. Any advice on what to do next would be much appreciated: Are the battery packs changeable? Who would you recommend in the uk? AOCB? Thank you Bob
  5. Interesting to hear you say that the 10.5 is sharper.. thanks bob
  6. I have both a Nikon 10.5mm and a Tokina 10/17 for my nikon d7000. Usualy I faithfully use the Tokina for no other reason than force of habit. I always have it at 10mm because I don't put the zoom gear on it (lazyness really). Of late, however, I have been using the 10.5mm out of whimsy and noticed a few things that it would be interesting to know if they are true or just my incompetance. The 10/17 seems to focus closer than the nikon. The camera struggles to focus sometiumes with the Nikon 10mm. The depth of field with the Nikon 10.5 is not as good as the tokina (I always shoot wide open as I am in limited light). Here is todays picture: it just seems a bit soft but I am not sure whether this is due to the camera not quite getting focus or the lens: Iso 400, f5.6 (I had stopped it down for a prior photo and not opened it again) 0.4sec (its on a tripod so shouldn't be any wobble)
  7. Perfect, thanks loads. Its always simple when you know how! Anyway, much appreciated.
  8. I used to have two circles on the clone tool in LR, one where the spot to be covered is and one where the new bit of image to be copied over is coming from. Sadly, now I just have the destination circle. What have I done to mess this up?! Thanks Bob
  9. I use an Asus Phone pad which is basically a Nexus 7 but branded differently. I use it to view and store images and to take them home rather than taking the camera memory cards themselves and for that it works really well. I stuck a small memory card into the tablet and transfer the images from the camera card to that to give a little breathing room on the tablets own memory. I started with NMM but now find the file manager utility that came with the tablet just a useful. I have not done any image manipulation on the tablet and tbf prob will never bother. For a simple easy way to view images and store them in the short term, this setup works really well and has a lot to commend it. I paid £180 for the tablet and another £20 in apps and leads.
  10. I have been having a play with using timelapse using stills from a gopro. So far I have stiched them together in Picasa as it is rough, ready and works. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152216178019260&l=4786463756719893459 I would like to take it further and would appreciate and recommendations for the best software to use. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again Bob
  11. Thank you again, some useful info. Now if the wind would stop, i would be able to get back in the water a d try it out!!
  12. My favourite: The Aquila in Norway. But the best bit about it was the two squid guarding their eggs!
  13. Thank you to all that replied. Fortunately there is a happy ending: I lost 11 images out of about 1000 so am happy with that. There were few nervous moments for a while but the recovery software did the job very well. Thank you all
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