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  1. Thanks for all the replies, at the moment drilling the connector open and then inserting the cable in there seems like the most reliable fix. I'll just need to find someone over here in Sydney with suitable tools. As Tim said I don't think you can disassemble this particular connector without excessive force, that would have been an even better option. Luckily this isn't a pure diving trip for me and I still have one fully functional strobe anyway.
  2. After arriving to Sydney I noticed that my Sea & Sea optical cable had been cut in two parts during transit. Any suggestions how to fix the cable, either a temporary solution or hopefully something bit more permanent (that doesn't involve buying a brand new cable)? Internal strobe flash still passes through the cable just fine, but unfortunately my quick & dirty duct tape fix wasn't durable enough for actual use. I'm using Sea&Sea RDX-550D housing with two Sea&Sea YS-110 alpha strobes. For macro work just one strobe is fine, but for wide-angle I'd really prefer to have two working cables. Photo of the damaged cable
  3. I'm looking for an used or otherwise reasonably priced underwater housing for my Canon EOS 550D. Preferably one of the non-Ikelite housings. Feel free to offer either just the housing or a complete package (I already have the camera). Preferably in Europe for reasonable delivery cost and time, I live in Finland.
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