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  1. On that note, can anyone tell me how much does a 'regular housing service' cost, if there is such a thing (specifically for Sea&Sea housings please)? I sent an email to the nearest Australian supplier who has yet to get back to me.
  2. Sorry, I just noticed that everyone had their equipment listed on the bottom of their post
  3. Thank you Olly, To quantify your statement (which I value), and to see whether it is applicable to my situation, could you please give me an idea of what equipment you are using and how often? I currently use a Nikon D200 with Sea&Sea DX200 housing and dual YS120 strobes. Cheers
  4. I'm not a full-time underwater photographer, but I was (until recently) a full-time land photographer for 7 years. I've owned camera housings since 1998. It has been my practice that before and after each day's diving to rinse and strip the housing down and grease all the O rings. I find this a time consuming exercise, and one that has stopped me taking the camera diving on more than one occasion. Saying that - I've never had a flood. I recently met someone (who dives more far often than I), leaves his housing and strobes fully set-up, and does not service any O ring unless it is disturbed -ever! This is evolutionary thinking for me. Does anyone else do this to their housing, and have they ever had a problem? Cheers
  5. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says (e.g. I think shooting RAW is a damn good idea if you are going for quality). But I love his reviews on bits of equipment. I recommend his website to any aspiring photographer
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