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  1. correct me if i'm wrong but the d200 and the D70 both have wireless commander as does the sb800, so you don't need cables and you can run something like 8 flashes if you really wanted to. so why doesn't wireless commander work with the underwater housings?
  2. just had another search and as per last time i cant find the thread comparing them. forgot to say that i would ideally like to use the wide angle top side as well, so that might count out the 10.5. so that might make it a decission to either the nikon 12-24 or the sigma 10-20. would be nice if someone could do some tripod tests of the same shots to do a comparison on picture quality.
  3. I have had a look and plenty of topics on these lenses individually, but none comparing the two together (or none that i could find). so far i have a: nikon 105mm macro nikon kit lens 18-70mm sigma 18-50mm f2.8 which i now use i am now looking at a wide angle, but which one? the sigma 10-20mm or the nikon 10.5mm i know they are different fish, but just how do they compare for build quality speed and more importantly picture quality? apart from the £200 or so saving for the sigma what are the pro's and con's? thanks clive
  4. People keep talking about it because they tend to keep lenses far longer than they do camera bodies. I for one don't want to shell out over $1000 for a lens that I think isn't going to work with a camera body I might buy in a year or two. so are you going to throw away a lens (a good one at that) that came with your camera because it is a DX? or purchase a cheaper good quality DX lens to get you started and then if you get on, later purchase a full frame lens thats if you happen to have bought a full frame digital camera! otherwise it doesn't really matter.
  5. James, you should become a politician! you managed to reply to my post, not answering the question but guffing it. 1. You seemed to forgot to answer the bit on which end the extra 20mm was. 2. You said you would choose full frame over DX anytime, i never said that was the case, i said they were out of the reach of normal amature/enthusiast photographer because of the high costs involved. 3 You said you could see no reason to buy the DX lens over the 17 - 35, how about three times cheaper and larger focal length, you have to remember not everyone has a bottomless wallet!
  6. isn't the extra 20mm at the narrow end (zoom) as opposed to the wide end? also why do people keep talking about full frame? kodak is the only one, is has not had the best of reviews, and what about a housing? we are a long way off from full frame cameras at a reasonable street price, so it isn't really an issue, other than they are good lenses especially the one that comes with the D70.
  7. thats one question i need answered, currently there is no TTL circuitry to convert the various digital variations of TTL (E, i and D plus what ever else they dream up), but are we getting bulkhead connectors just in case some one cracks these? if not what controller do i use with my D70, the ikelite housing and my DS50? also can we switch from the DS range to the normal range with the controlers? cheers
  8. in the uk it is mostly the kits that are being sold. apparently they can produce several thousand cameras a month in Thailand but not the lenses, which is why there is a shortage. here in the uk they are now doing kits with the cheaper 24 to 80 lens
  9. i went to the london dive show on sunday, mainly to see if camerasunderwater had the d70 housing from Ikelite. but while i was there i looked at the 300D housing which is same size, and it weighed a bloody ton! Ike are you going to make the tray handle light weight?
  10. how can that be, when the 10D is a bigger camera?
  11. in the UK thay can be had for around the £1,000 mark, so it is a contender
  12. i thought the S2 did TTL, maybe i read it wrong
  13. well, no doubt you lot have been asked this a thousand times before so here is 1001: I currently have a C5050 and Oly housing but I am lookinto going full DLSR :roll: prior to going digital i have never had any photo experience (but i am thinking of a college course on photography) so i started with the Oly C920 and then the C3040 and now the C5050 (samples of my work can be seen on my site: www.the-deep-blue.co.uk and i feel i have progressed sufficiently now to take the big step and go for a mans camera :wink: now as i am still learning and i have a DS-50 i would like to keep it TTL if possible and not go manual, but i must then i will have to learn. to start with i will just get the camera and use it to death on dry land learning and practising (untill i can afford a housing and ports etc etc) the camera would be used for normal family stuff but would also be used for landscapes (not ultrawide (weitwinkel) just normal), wildlife and macro stuff. i would like it to be of printable quality (mags etc.... you never know it might get published one day) budget wise it is around the £1,000 mark and i am looking for the best camera i can get in that range (that also has a reasonably priced housing) and taking in to account the cost of adding lenses etc later (which are the best priced Canon or nikon fit?) I have been looking and have seen the usual suspects: Fuji S2 Canon EOS 300D Cannon EOS 10D Nikon D100 Nikon D70 I have read really good reports on the Sigma SD10 but no housing at the moment. so what would you go for and why? or would you recomend another? remember KISS as i am new to DSLR talk and terms. many thanks clive
  14. well to throw a spanner in the works, i had a mess around with my 3040 and a set of close up lens (+1, +2 and +4) after a couple of photo's and messing around trying to focus i found the the +1 gave the best results. some of the close ups can be seen on my site (Red Sea 2002) The Deep Blue (Nudi's) the close up lens set cost me £24 which all will agree is a damn site cheaper than the £100 + for a close up/macro lens. what you have to remember is that water is a x25 so you have the camera in air behind glass then another lens with water between and water the other side so that is one hell of a magnification equation. :freak:
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