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  1. Recently back from a trip from UK to North Sulawesi via Hong Kong and Bali. The ONLY flights where my carry on was NOT weighed were the internal Indonesian flights - the international legs were particularly diligent, weighed and tagged everything. It's a problem but I'm resigned to having to put some camera gear through the checked in baggage and pay the excess where necessary, writing it off as the price of enjoying my hobby. The thing I fear most is not being allowed to take my carry on bag into the cabin and being obliged to put it in the hold, unprotected for that type of journey. With a strictly enforced 7 or 10Kg limit , there isn't much I can take into the cabin, SLR camera, maybe a lens, housing an a port. All else will have to make its way through the checked route. It IS well insured but especially on the outward leg, that really isn't the issue! Not an encouraging view I'm afraid but it reflects my most recent experience.
  2. For sale a professionally serviced Fisheye FIX G12 housing. Also available for sale is a Fisheye FIX dome port, macro adapter and 2 X Inon diopters (for macro and super macro). The kit includes either neoprene or hard lens caps for the lenses, 3 sets of spare o-rings. The equipment was last used in May 2014 and has been underwater around 200 times in total. I would prefer to sell the whole kit and would offer a good price but will consider splitting. email me at james.knox3@btinternet.com if interested or more detail /example photographs
  3. Hi, James from the UK. I have used Wetpixel as a reference site for some while. Here to learn and maybe contribute.
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