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  1. hi all does anybody have any knowledge about the panasonic TZ10(ZS7 in the states)or earlier panasonic TZ series cameras in conjunction with the dyron wide port,i know it only recovers the 24mm underwater and i read somewhere it gives a 95% field of view,which surely would compare favourably with the inon ad 105. i am using a fuji f11 with inon ufl165ad at the moment,but i feel the technology in this camera is outdated(i already own the panasonic and on land the pictures are obviously superior to the fuji)also the panasonic can be used in full manual mode. i realise i am not going to get anywhere near as wide with the panasonic and dyron combination,but would it be wide enough for most situations? (eg.reef scenes and CFWA) regards
  2. cheers panda its all starting to fall into place now. bring on the red sea liveaboard in july kind regards
  3. hi panda thanks for the info have just set my rig up at home and tried your advice,and the exposure is about right. the only thing that doesnt make sense to me is that as soon as i point the camera at the sunlit window(yes we do get sunshine now and again in the uk)the camera is showing the shutter speed going right up to 1/1000 yet the strobes are still syncing(i use fibre optics)and i was under the impression that strobes will not sync with shutter speeds that quick. unless,like apertures shutter speeds are different on compacts,i dont know. any thoughts anybody? regards jason
  4. right folks here we go i have now completed around 60 odd dives with camera,all in auto mode. the last 25 dives i did in janurary of this year in the philippines were my first dives with strobes and inon fisheye lens,also a magic filter,of which i had most success with for reasons that will become clear. i made a very big and stupid mistake with my strobes(sea & sea ys-25 auto x2)i got these off ebay as used(although they were clearly new)anyway i downloaded the wrong manual,not realising that the numbers have to match the f stop of the camera,well you can imagine the results and my frustration and subsequent embarrassment (go on have a good laugh at my expense,i dont mind ) so now i have realised my mistake,i know that i have to go manual,i use a fuji f11 that does not have full manual,only aperture priority or shutter priority,but the problem is in aperture priority the camera tends to select very slow shutter speeds so,would i be better off selecting say 1/125 shutter speed and then matching the strobes to the aperture displayed by the camera?(i should add that i know it aint the best of equipment,but i have to work with what i have for financial reasons) maybe someone has experience with these strobes that can point me in the right direction. also the white balance on my f11 does not have a cloudy setting,but it does have a setting for shade,is this the same? sorry for my poor grammar. all advice would be great. kind regards jason
  5. hi stu it was full moon when the whaleshark showed up in panglao too,i guess its something to do with the currents stirring up the plankton anyway thanks for the info cheers
  6. cheers all now i am split between leyte and anilao(maybe i will do both) i did see my first whaleshark in bohol in janurary,but was very distant am off on a liveaboard to the red sea in july so maybe i will get lucky there not really got into macro yet,and still cant decide wether macro wet lenses (inon)are worth having(i know most of you guys use slr,so probably dont have an opinion) i will check previous posts to see what i can find. regards to all
  7. hi perry i always seem to bypass anilao on my way to pg,where i have been 4 times,my wife is filipina so we always holiday in the pi,(not a problem for me )next trip is march 2011,was thinking of going back to tubbataha,but i feel is not good value for money,the diving is good but the liveaboard boats are not. do you have the contact details for club ocellaris? also i notice you have been to donsol,would you reccomend? kind regards
  8. wow totally blown away by your pics. i have been looking around for my next destination in the philippines and it looks like anilao is the place.(easy to travel to as well) if i get pics 10% as good as yours i would be happy.
  9. hi all does anyone know if its possible to use a (red) filter in conjunction with inon ad lenses?,i mean specifacally on the outside of the housing,so the filter can be added towards the end of the dive in the shallower depths. i suspect the answer is no,but ya gotta ask. any ideas would be great. jason lee
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