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  1. Hello, 360° has even moved on from just simple 360 video, and is now in the form of cinematic 360° films. This is our latest production, a 15min film on the relationship between humpback whales and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga: https://youtu.be/iL4yuIzQH9U Of course even more impressive when watched with Headsets, here you can on Oculus TV: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/media/3628638773883440/496354198015903/?intern_source=blog&intern_content=gear-up-for-earth-day-in-vr Hope you enjoy it ! Cheers Christophe
  2. Hi Peter, Great little film. What lens were you using ? and what lighting set-up please ? Thanks, Christophe
  3. Hi, Would you have a couple of pics to illustrate your set-up please ? that would sooooo useful ! Thanks:)
  4. A friend film maker too, mentioned that to me but I have never actually seen it with my own eyes. But it makes sense doesn't it
  5. Hi mate, I actually don't have the housing yet, because I would prefer to find a housing that offers full manual control , including focus ring ... and Ikelite doesn't ... rrrggghhh. So that means Aquatica etc but pricey Interesting feedback you give. Regarding fisheye, how do you find the footage without light ? especially with 180deg angle lens which would be challenging. I actually would suggest you insert Magic Filter in it, looks awesome as long as you remain within 15m. Yes, with 17-40 I read a lot about soft edge, unless maybe you have a bigger dome (which Ikelite does not offer) or diopter Regarding the weight & balance, I have heard some people installing small"wings" type panel underneath the housing which helps a lot about balance and smooth shot. Over to you Cheers Christophe
  6. Thanks mate for taking the time to get into details. - How do you deal with focusing whilst zooming with your 17-40mm ? must be challenging & fish don't normally wait for you - How do you find the footage with your 17-40mm , especially on the edges, is it acceptable ? and do you find that at 17mm it is wide enough ? (just because I am thinking on relying only on a 17-40mm for now even for wide angle shot) - Finally, you mention the weight, do you mean it is a good weight to avoid jerky shots ? Sorry for all these questions ! Thanks, C
  7. Hi, I am getting in touch regarding your equipment, but not to provide you suggestions re the above sorry I am interesting in knowing about your set-up with the 5DmkII. Hope you don't mind me asking. How does the Ikelite performs and is it really "user friendly". Especially in relation to the following: - does the Ikelite housing offer 100% view of the LCD screen ? (in some other housing , it is not the case) - how do you deal with the fact that Ikelite does not allow you to manual focus ? Have you tried to switch over the zoom ring and use it to focus ? - finally with your 15mm FE lens, do you find the footage underwater extremely distorted ? Many thanks ! Christophe
  8. Hi Drew, Thanks for your comments. Problem with the Sigma 15mm FE is that according to Ikelite Port chart (http://ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_sigma.html) it is vignetting with 5d mkII even with a 8'' port ... . If I had the $$ I would buy Canon 14mm L serie but other wise the only thing left is the Canon 15mm f2.8 FE (fish eye) as i shoot with 5D mkII. I guess that's where I am at until someone sheds some more light on this Cheers Christophe
  9. Hi ! Thanks also for your feedback. Really valuable to know what the 17-40 is doing on Ikelite. I have just replied to the thread above with my comments. Have you ever looked at trying to source the Sigma 14mm 2.8 EX HSM that I am talking about ? Thanks, Christophe (Sydney, Aust)
  10. Hi mate Thanks for sharing. You have some great footage there. Very interesting to see what the 15mm FE can do. I am currently debating between the Sigma 15mm which you have (although Ikelite is warning against vignetting on their port chart for that lens ...), the Canon 15mm , and also the Sigma 14mm 2.8 which is now discontinued but you can find some second hand. I think having a 14mm ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle would be perfect (less distortion) but I don't know the output with the Canon 5d mkII ... rghhhhh! ... I have read some serious flaring problem etc ... Anyway thanks again for your info Cheers Christophe (Sydney, Aust)
  11. I am really confused as to what lens to buy for underwater video with the 5dmkII (Ikelite housing) I am trying to get my head around the difference (in video mode underwater) between a Fisheye and an ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle. ie if you use a fisheye lens how do the distorsion show-up when playing the footage and does it require any heavy post-production ? Relating to the question above, I would like to know what output would give a Sigma 15mm EX DG Diagonal fisheye ? And in comparison what ouput would give a Canon 15mm f2.8 . And if I was to add in the mix, a Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 EX DC HSM or f3.5 EX DC HSM , how would it compare when watching the video clips ? Please note that most of my shots would be wide to very wide angle (be it a school of fish, a Manta cleaning station, a diver exploring a wall or moving in the big blue and passing me with his underwater scooter. Also mounting the kit onto an underwater scooter. I would also like to use this lens for extreme close-up which I believe you can do with ultra wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel)/fisheye lenses due to very small focus distance. I hope I have been able to articulate my questions well enough to attract some responses/insights Many thanks Christophe
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