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  1. Hi Scott! Enjoyed your images from Wakatobi, great job with that sp 350. Jim tells me you are thinking of upgrading. Good luck with that. It was great to meet you and Troy in Cozumel last summer. I have been shopping for scuba ornaments for Christmas ever since. What fun! Looking forward to more of your images in the future. Margaret
  2. Hi I am using an Olympus C5050 with a pt 015 housing and a ds 125 strobe with a Inon macro lens and an Inon WA.
  3. Just want to point out that we all can cause damage to a coral reef by being careless. Everyone (in my humble opinion) causes damage to the coral. God knows not purposely but everyone kicks the coral occasionally. So for me the point is to just be more carefull not debate whether it was a good study or not. Just my .02 cents.
  4. Wonderful image. Congratulations.
  5. Wanted to introduce myself.....I've been diving for eleven years in So Cal and am fairly new to underwater photography. I've been lurking on several digital sites and have just joined here. I have learned alot just by reading others posts.
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