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  1. Because for $15 now I can use two additional lens, which would have cost me about $300. For $15 and 10min of work, I think is worth the try.
  2. Got frustrated not being able to find the right pipe size to fit my Tokina 11-16 and Nikon 1224 and came up with this. Please note this will only work on lens that have the zoom ring positioned directly underneath the housing gear wheel. It's very solid and I still have enough material to build plenty more.
  3. If you owned the Nikon 12-24 and Tokina 11-16, would you bother purchasing the Tokina 10-17 and why? Thanks
  4. On a Nauticam NA-D300s will the Nikon 12-24 or Tokina 11-16 work with just the dome port? Going by back scatters port finder I would need a extension ring. Thanks
  5. Please remove. Should have done a search first.
  6. Just wondering has anyone seen/done anything like this for underwater housing? http://vimeo.com/17380124
  7. At first i thought you were crazy. Now I thank you so much! Simple fix always put a smile on my face.
  8. Has anyone ever repair a defective hotshoe nauticam cable? I notice on the hotshoe adapter one pogo pin is broken. If someone could please help me identify the correct size for the pin I could save myself $110. Thanks.
  9. Not exactly sure how you are getting those numbers. Even tried a UK webproxy (http://www.proxay.co.uk) and got the same price. I've never seen this computer with transmitter for $1149.95. US IP UK WEBPROXY
  10. That's without the transmitter. I'm selling mine with transmitter included. I'm selling this one. http://www.leisurepro.com/Catalog.aspx?op=...20Air&Hit=1 You probably saw this one. http://www.leisurepro.com/Catalog.aspx?op=...20Air&Hit=1
  11. Bought this computer two months ago from a mares dealer (Still under warranty) and now have to get rid of it because I need the money. Retails for $1600 less than 20 dives (most pool training), willing to let it go for 1,300 or better offer. Mares Icon HD Air Integrated Hose-Less Dive Computer (Complete System)
  12. This is only my second underwater photography trip. Still lots to learn. http://500px.com/photo/5551983 http://500px.com/photo/5553300 http://500px.com/photo/5553285 http://500px.com/photo/5551983
  13. Thank you both for your help. Hopefully I come back with some keepers to show.
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