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  1. Going to the Philippines for the 1st time to dive with my parents (non-divers) in November/December. Will be spending 1 week in Palawan and then another week in Cebu (Hoping for Malapascua). May also try to swing into Anilao for some muck. Main question are: Where is the best place for diving in Palawan that has nice resorts and good top-side activities for non-divers? Is Coron the best bet? How is the diving when not on the wrecks? Thanks, Jay
  2. John, I thought Tiger and Lemon sharks prefer the fresher kind of meat. Not the old stale kind that they reportedly went after on ur trip!? Jay
  3. Considering doing a Tiger Shark Diving liveaboard trip in May in the Bahamas. Anyone have any experience with http://www.sharkdiver.com/ ? Is this a good time of the year to go? Thanks!
  4. Thinking about doing the WWDS Timor "Discovery" 10 night liveaboard. Anyone have any thoughts/knowledge on this trip? Anyone been on the boat, The Junk?
  5. Trying to get on a liveaboard to Komodo, w/o much success (all booked out). Is it worth it to do 5-6 nights at a resort in Komodo for diving? Or should I go elsewhere (Alor, Timor, Flores?) Looking for some place that's easily accessible from Bali.
  6. Considering the Aurora boat for late september this year along the Komodo-Flores route. Anyone have any experience with boat/trip?
  7. Thanks Wolf Eel. That would be greatly appreciated! Also, may hit u up on some recommendation in the Miami area, since I'm moving there at the end of the year!
  8. I grew up in Florida, so I have an understanding of the risk involved in going to a place during Typhoon/Hurricane season. I wonder if I might be better off trying to do PNG or maybe go to Tonga for the Humpbacks....?
  9. My girlfriend and I are considering a 2+ week trip to the Philippines this Sept/Oct. Will be the 1st time for both of us. Was thinking Anilao and then a more Pelagic friendly destination. Few questions for people in the know: 1) Is it OK to go and dive this time of the year? It seems that this will be during the monsoon season... Is it miserably wet? Is vis affected too much? 2) Can anyone recommend any good resorts? Seems like Club Ocellaris is the place to be in Anilao... 3) What Pelagic site would be best this time of year? Malapascua looks good... September was mentioned as "Manta Month" in 1 article I read. Thanks for any help! Jay
  10. Thanks everyone again for all the great feedback. Just got back from Palau a couple of weeks ago. Was a great trip. I had originally booked a 10 day liveaboard on the Ocean Hunter 1. However, when I arrived, myself and the other guest were informed that there was a problem with OH1s generator. So we spend the 1st 6 days on the larger Ocean Hunter 3, before transferring for the last 3 days onto OH1. The OH3 was a very nice boat, and the food was excellent. I even had the pleasure of meeting fellow wetpixel member and contributor John Bantin, who was highly entertaining. Especially if you enjoy listening to old, senile men ramble on endlessly about the "good 'ole days"! As far as comparing the 2 liveaboards.. For the social aspect, OH3 was great. For the diving, OH1 was significantly better. I contribute this to the fact that on OH3, there were at least 12 guests out on each dive. So it was tough getting close to the big animals, especially at Blue Corner and German Channel. Whereas, on OH1, there were only 3 guests on the boat. As a result, almost all of my best pics were taken over the last 3 days. There were just too many people in the water at one time with OH3! At the end of the day, the trip was great. I got to experience the great social aspect of diving on the OH3 and the amazing diving Palau has to offer on OH1! Food and Crew were some of the best I've had on a liveaboard on both boats! Here's a sample of some of the pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kavmd/sets/72157628154000265/
  11. You have a link for the article?
  12. Haha.. Yeah OK. Should I just randomly start a new post and title it something, "John Bantin: The True Story" or something along those lines?
  13. Ha! It's a shame u missed the next 2 dives at German Channel! We were diving with 8 mantas on both dives! So.. I see ur 1 manta and raise you 3 in one frame!
  14. Thanks everyone for the great advice! Gonna do a liveaboard. Just trying to decide on whether to do the Ocean Hunter I or III, and whether to do the 7 or 10 day trip....
  15. Hey all... My friend and I are looking to do a big trip this November. Was tossing around Komodo, Palau, or a return trip to PNG. Have been leaning towards Palau. I'm a huge fan of liveaboards. But have talked to a few people who have said that a liveaboard would just be paying extra money for the same divesites in Palau. Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not a liveaboard is worth it? Also... any recs for liveaboards and/or dive resorts in Palau? Thanks, Jay
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