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  1. It is DM me, please. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. @mr.reznovich Are you still looking for one? I have one available. But it here last year then never used it.
  3. Couple of pix from the Bridge recently with the Zeiss and this setup!
  4. If you're interest in more pix just hit me up. Serious requests only please. I think I've used up my allotted space.
  5. Howdy! I've decided to get back to just one camera system instead of three so my Sony setup has to go! So here's what I have: The Kit: Nauticam A6400 with vacuum port, electrical sync bulkhead and the extra Nauticam internal battery. There are some marks here and there on housing. I used it just this past Friday at Blue Heron. Sony A6400 for sure under 10,000 clicks. Literally only every used in this housing. 9 for sure. Sony 16-55 lens, 9 as well. Nauticam gear 16-50 Macro Port 45 with knob TOTAL FOR THIS PACKAGE including ground shipping in CONTINENTAL US ONLY is $2800 Separate Items: Zeiss Touit 50mm macro f2.8 $525, solid 9 on condition Sony E-Mount 10-18 f4 $525, it has no lens hood otherwise is a 8+ maybe 9 Nauticam Extension Mini Extension 30 with lock $175 Nauticam Zoom Gear for 10-18 $130 Zen Underwater DP-170-N85 II 170mm this already has the extension built in to use with the 10-18. $800 S-TURTLE MOBIE SMART TTL TRIGGER FOR SONY SYSTEMS with the brighter LED's $300 The Photos: Looks like I will have to add them to comments as well, ugh. Sorry.
  6. @OwenF I think it would be fine in that scenario. BTW, I've decided to get rid of my S-Turtle and I'm just going to stick to Electrical Sync. So, if you're in the market let me know! ; )
  7. Hi Chris, Yeah, I am going to use the PC Connection simultaneously. One for trigger a strobe via electrical connection to pc. And one via FO from the hot shoe UW. The pain method might be my only option, definitely worth exploring. thx Scott
  8. Good day, Just wondering if anyone know where I can source the connector plugs Nauticam uses in the hot shoe bulkhead setups. I'd like to use my electrical sync with the sync port on the camera rather than hot shoe.(And also use FO at same time for strobes above and below water) And I'd much rather not cannibalize a $69 part for a $.10 connector! LOL. Thanks! Scott
  9. Hello! I am looking for a Zen Underwater 230mm Dome for Nauticam N120. Seems a missed one in the last day or two on here! LOL. Thx Scott
  10. Based on the conversations I had with Balazs it's not going to be any time soon. Said it was going to be a massive undertaking with no timetable for it.
  11. Thanks! Maybe I'll return the the Turtle and try the UWT.
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