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  1. Hello! I am looking for a Zen Underwater 230mm Dome for Nauticam N120. Seems a missed one in the last day or two on here! LOL. Thx Scott
  2. Based on the conversations I had with Balazs it's not going to be any time soon. Said it was going to be a massive undertaking with no timetable for it.
  3. Thanks! Maybe I'll return the the Turtle and try the UWT.
  4. And I've now had no issues with it firing reliably now in single mode. It's just not reliable in TTL with this camera or in any drive mode beside single.
  5. Yes, single frame. Let's say half a second and I fire that in TTL. That frame would be overexposed. The A6400 max sync is 1/160th. With electrical I can eek it 1/200th. With FO it's 1/160th, anything above and you get clipping.
  6. @Balage_diver has been working with me on this for a bit now. He's found the same things happening as I did. So here ia a little bit of a wrap up! The A6000x series will not work in mid continuous or high continuous with the Sony Turtle. Neither in TTL or WL/Manual. He had hoped it would be an easy fix but it's not. So there is no timetable on this. Also when using the Turtle in TTL the first frame would be exposed perfectly. Consequently if you fired the camera again quickly the next few frames were typically blown out. Like nuclear. He's ordered a YS-D3 to look further into all this. So, we at least know the Turtle with 150 leds WILL fire a Sea & Seas YS-D3 Lightning. Just that there are a few other issues. Now, I bought this to use in my pool studio to fire FO manually. It does that so I am going to keep it just for that. And will stick to my electronic bulkhead for diving. That fires every time and can even cheat up up the Sony's flash sync to 1/200th.
  7. I bought one of these to try. Didn't work at all. Headed back to Amazon.
  8. So, here's the breakdown from testing: Electrical Sync via bulkhead: Works as expected fires everytime Canon 600 land strobe: Also fires as expected. Everytime in sequence. Now once I switch to manual using the WL mode on the camera I get one frame. And I can't test it with a land strobe because it doesn't see it. @Balage_diver said it works with his Sony A7III, (could be different one but I forget LOL) Hopefully he's able to get an A6000X series camera to test with!
  9. The LED only fires on the first frame of the sequence. Actually, I think it's the trigger not returning to ready state. I am using the camera in WL mode for manual strobe firing. So, no TTL. It should just be sending a sync to the trigger no other communications. If you wait a split second and don't motor drive it works fine. I'm working with @Balage_diver in this as well. His trying to get his hands on a A6400 this week and test on his end.
  10. I've been using the strobes since July via electrical sync. ROCK solid. And will probably end up just diving that way. The FO is for the pool stuff I do with models. But time will tell ...
  11. I've got about 50 dives with this housing in the last 14 months or so.
  12. Hey hey, Figured it might be time to break this out from the monster thread Turtle thread. So, thanks to @TimG and some windex I can now get the S-Turtle to trigger. YES!!! But now on to my next dilemma. I am trying to get the trigger to fire during a motor drive sequence. @Phil Rudin I know you've mentioned getting this to work. It works perfectly for me with electrical sync via the bulkhead. Makes photographing the sharks so much easier. I've tried WL Manual mode with first curtain sync. All i get is ONE frame. Very bright LED trigger then nothing. In my mind manual mode should be the same as electrical sync. thoughts?
  13. Hi Chris, Not a prism, it looks like. Fired with flash. Tim, hit the nail on the head. Cleaned the glass and the trigger started working! LOL -Scott
  14. And they always say the simplest solution is often the right answer ... cleaned the glass with windex inside and out. Now it fires. But It won't high speed in manual. Next problem! LOL
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