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  1. After Spending 40+ days with Eric, Cor and Julie I thought I needed to say thank you to everyone who made this such a great trip. Its hard to figure out where to begin. I have no background in macro photography and only a loose handle on wide. I have real trouble seeing anything smaller than 4 feet long with lots of teeth and to say the least, I was out of my element. Cor and Julie are fantastic photographers and unbelievable spotters of all things small. Their patience with me when pointing out things and dealing with me stirring up the bottom (they called me desert storm) should result in their nominations for Sainthood. Thanks for all your help and kind words... Thank you to Frank for being a great roommate, willing to sacrifice three dives so I could get the perfect frogfish shot and for just being you......... Thanks to Graham Abbott for being the hardest working guide in Indonesia. I cant say enough about how impressed I was with him. Everyday he was up early checking out the dive sites finding critters or habitats, checking currents and water clarity. He was always concerned with trying to find the best sites he could. When it comes to finding critters he is a freak of nature. That man can see things that I could not see until it was up on my computer screen! I think he got a certain amount of pleasure in finding things too small for me to shoot. I'm not saying that he wasted anyone's time, I'm saying that he is that good. Graham has a great sense of humor and was a great sport. Any trips that I take to Indo will definately have him as a guide and to anyone going there I think your doing yourself a disservice by not having him on the trip. Thanks to the crew of the Seven Seas. They were awesome. Great with the camera gear and I was amazed at how fast they learned who's gear belonged to whom. I was a constant source of broken gear yet the crew was always able to keep me going... Big thanks to Matt Segal for being our parts mule.... The biggest thanks goes to our fearless leader Eric Cheng. Spending 40+ days on a boat with someone as incompetent as me is enough to send most people over the edge. But what most people don't know is that we were roomies for two months before this trip when we were in Antarctica! He put together an awesome group of people on a great boat. There are so many things that I need to thank him for about this trip that most people will never know about...Thanks man
  2. I had to make a claim with H20 Ins earlier this year. I just faxed them a stack of retail printouts that I pulled off the internet and a few pictures of the loss....Of course the pictures I sent them showed my camera swimming away in a large tiger sharks mouth, never to be seen again.......Once they realized that I wasen't joking about how the camera was lost they sent me a check right away.....My hats off to H20 Insurance
  3. Despite Max Mosley's best efforts to give Ferrari another championship, Hamilton pull's it off in the last corner of the last race.....A true champion and he seems like such a nice guy too....Congrats Lewis
  4. "Two things are limitless. The universe and human stupitity. And I'm not sure about the universe" Albert Einstein
  5. Alex, Try this: Go to C. Fn IV.....switch C. Fn IV #1 from 0 to #2 which reads "metering star/meter + AF Start" then hit the set button..... then go to C. Fn IV #2 and switch the "AF-ON/AE lock button Switch" from disable to Enable and push the set button....I have been using mine like this for a few months and I think thats all that is required to use the * button W/O the shutter re-focusing.... if it dosent work let me know and i'll keep looking in my menu....
  6. Gee imagine that!!!! Some of the most destructive fishermen on the planet (shrimpers) wanting some of the most endangered animals on the planet (sharks) culled for shrimp cocktail...Are the sharks following the shrimp boats because of the obscene volume of bycatch that the shrimpers are dumping in the water!!!? Or are the sharks going after the bycatch in the nets? I cant think of too many shark spieces, on the east coast, that target shrimp as thier primary food source. If the sharks are targeting the shrimp in the nets then why would they do so? Have the shrimpers scrubbed the seas so clean that the sharks have had to change thier feeding behavior? A while back I was talking to Eric about the fact that the only seafood I enjoyed was shrimp and told him (quite proudly) that I only ate "farmed" shrimp because wild shrimp was caught in such a destructive manner. Well, Eric was kind enough to enlighten this knuckle-dragger (me) of the destructive nature of shrimp farming as well. I haven't had a shrimp since.... Thank you Eric for enlightening a neanderthal...
  7. I've never been so offeneded in my life.........All those involved shold be ashamed...It just shows that human stupididty is endless
  8. Does anyone else get a mental image of this CDNN guy like this: Dark Basement in mommys house, 300+ Lbs, Lazy-boy growing out of his back, grease stained wife beater, sticky towels and a large stack of porn involving barnyard animals....Or is it just me?
  9. About four years ago I had the same problem.... I was going through a sync cord every 1.3 days of diving... A 1 week trip was a 6 sync cord deal for me...I contacted Ike and they said (at the time) that they had never heard of any complaints about where the sync cord was placed. So I fixed it myself...I switched to sea and sea....
  10. red3

    Ike EV controllers

    Ds 125 and spare batts have been sold
  11. I did not know that the DAN Insurance was only for the US......I recently had my entire rig (5D/Aquatica) taken, and not returned by a tiger shark. Once I convinced the people at DAN that I was serious, that it really did happen I had a check in about ten days.....Thank you DAN
  12. Nikon 20mm 2.8D lens...........$325.00 Nikon 60mm Macro 2.8AF....$275.00 Just cleaning out some old stuff that I dont use since I switched to canon
  13. Aquatica macro port w/ focus knob, and neoprene cover.......$325.00 82.5mm extension ring for 2x teleconverter........$200.00 39.5mm extension ring...............$125.00 focus gear for Canon 100mm macro USM.....$50.00
  14. older ds125 for sale ....S/N 3967 Just serviced at IKE and has Latest digital updates has not been in water since serviceing comes with new smart charger and new NiMH battery pack.....$475.00 Also have 1 new additional NiMH battery pack..........$60.00 2 Ike EV controllers for sale...........$50.00 ea
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