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  1. I agree regarding GBR and New Caledonia. Great barrier reef has a very blue sort of cast to all the shots not sure why. Also the reefs we visited were in pretty bad shape so a lot of the subjects are against a blue background rather than dead reef (which is a shame as I visited several of the same sites 8 years ago and they were full of life), New Caledonia shots are mostly shot snorkeling in a little pond with the stock 12-50mm lens. For the few dive shots that are in New Cal I didn't have a working strobe on one of the two dives we did. Still want them in there mostly for the memories . Many thanks for the feedback and taking the time to look at my shots!
  2. Finally got some of my photos online, please let me know what you think: http://mlinder.photoshelter.com/ Cheers! Martin
  3. Finally got around to upload a few pics so I can link them here, all taken with the 12-50 mm kit lens behind 60 macro port (fantastic lens!):
  4. I just want to drop a quick thank you note for all the great advice on my recent OMD purchase. I would never have gotten everything the way I wanted without the expert opinions from this forum. You've been a fantastic help. Please allow me to share some photos from my first dive trip with the new rig (I'm still very much learning and I'm nowhere near the skill of many people on these forums but coming from a compact point and shoot I have to say the EM-5 is a fantastic camera for UW use). The pics get better towards the end of the album. All photos taken with the 12-50 mm kit lens (some with a Subsee +5). Album can be found here: https://plus.google.com/photos/11516...CP7s6Jvvo66MYQ
  5. Regarding the Austrian 12-50 mm gear that you can get from unterwasserkamera.at . I had some problems initially with this gear but found that it needs to be positioned so that there is a 5 mm (or so) gap between the camera body and the gear. If you push the gear all the way back, like in some photos of it, it will not function properly. I also needed a second rubber band (the band supplied is a thin red one which is much smaller than the thick black one that Alex received for his review). When positioned correctly, and using two rubber bands, it works like a charm and I am so far very happy with it. Just in case someone else runs into these issues I thought I'd share my solution.
  6. I've recently switched from using a Fantasea Nano as a focus light to a Sola 800. I love the Sola but I am having some issues mounting it in a way that allows me to easily adjust it under water. I currently use a cold shoe ball mount and attach the sola using a normal clamp (the sola has a ball mount as well). The problem I find is that if I have the clamp lose enough to move the light around it becomes unstable underwater so I have to tighten it quite hard. When the light is attached this tight I have to let go of the camera, unscrew the clamp, re-position the light and re-tighten the clamp just to move the light from lets say macro to video mode. I've been searching the web and looking at forums for a different mount solution that will allow me to move the light around without having to open/close the clamp each time. Any recommendations?
  7. Everything finally arrived, can't wait to take this diving! Thanks everyone who helped me chose the parts for the rig, you've all been very helpful. (Sorry for the quality of the picture, taken with crap point n shoot with no flash in low light).
  8. So sorry to hear! Also a bit scary as I was planing on only bringing the 12-50 to a two week red sea trip early June (not much room in my budget for more lenses right now)...
  9. Mario V posted some interesting pics taken with the OM-D, 12-50mm in the Nauticam 65 flat port and an Inon UWL-100 wet wide angle lens. Seems like the lens works fine at 14mm. Images can be found here: http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/olympus-outlet/452260-wa-wet-lens-oly-12-50-a.html#post6728880 What do you guys think, add it to the rig and get more versatility on the WA side?
  10. Thanks Steve! Will post some pics of the rig as soon as everything arrives .
  11. Thank you all for the great advice. Ended up blowing my budget and getting the OMD, Nauti housing with 12-50, austrian zoom gear, Subsee +5, and dual z-240. Also got the mount to add my gopro on the rig. Sould be quite capable Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. Karl! I have the exact same config with a gopro. Haven't been able to test it yet though! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. What about arm lengths for reasonably versatile set-ups? I've been mostly shooting macro with a compact and will now upgrade to an om-d with the 12-50mm and a Subsee +5. This means I will be doing several types of shooting: semi-wa and diver portraits (as wide as the 12mm will allow me behind a flat port), mid-range shooting for instance fish portraits and also some macro at 50mm with the Subsee. I was thinking for each arm either 2 x 7" or 1 x 5" + 1 x 7" (my supplier stocks 5", 7" and 9" arms). Does either of these two set-ups look alright or should i opt for something else? Many thanks
  14. I'm getting the 9-18 and was hoping not to have to get two ports. I only ask about the 12-50 as i realize the 9-18 will be fine behind the dome but I am uncertain with regards to macro on the 12-50. Thank you for all your replies!, very helpfull for someone who is already 1000 euro over budget
  15. Really nice to hear! When you shoot macro in the 4" with the 12-50 + diopter do you feel like you have to be too close to some subjects (to compensate for the loss of magnification due to the dome)? This is my last concern I need to clear before placing an order. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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