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  1. We've tested the new Delrin housings and reviewed them below: https://www.housingcamera.com/blog/underwater-photography/nimar-underwater-housings Ran, our lead photographer has been using their housings for almost 2 years now and is very happy with them.
  2. Hi, I hope you have a great trip in NY. First of all , I would suggest getting a couple of strobes. With 2200$ , you will not be able to get a DSLR package and I believe that strobes make more of a difference that one camera or another. Your budget should be enough for the Olympus Pen Micro 4/3rds cameras , housing and 2 strobes , maybe you will go a little bit over. Amazing review of their previous model can be found on Backscatter Here are some links to get you going: Olympus Camera and Housing Bundle BTS Olympus Pen Arm and Tray set 2 x YS-01 Sea and Sea Strobes You will also need a couple of fiber optics cables. If you want you can go for a Sea and Sea arm and tray set , they have a couple of options as well. I think the Olympus Pen will give you the best results for your budget. If you have any specific questions , PM or email me and you are welcome to ask more questions in this thread , I will do my best to recommend and there are many other professionals here which will for sure comment and recommend themselves.
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