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  1. I am a novice but here is a photo I just took on a Lembeh photo workshop blackwater dive with the Sony a7Rv (I bought it after reading Alex Mustard's review). I have a big learning curve but am happy to get started! I will continue to read this thread to learn more.
  2. I had the same problem! I found a pair and I also know of another pair for sale. Let me know if you want the info.
  3. Sony RX100V Orig. $999.99 450.00 Sony & sony compatible batteries (8) and 3 battery charger Estimate over $200 50.00 Nauticam Pro Package for Sony RX 100V (includes Vacuum Check, Right & Left handle Flextray with Ball mounts) Orig. $1255 600 Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment (for Sony RX100iii/RX100IV/RX 100V/RX100VI/RX100VII) Orig. $253 (used one trip) 150 Nauticam LCD attachment rails for NA Sony RX100iii/RX100IV/RX 100V/RX100VI/RX100VII Orig. $37 20 Kraken KRL-01 67mm Wet Wide Lens, 24mm Focal Point 800 500 Kraken Neoprene Lens Cover for wet wide lenses (new) $30.95 (new) 20 Total 3574.95 1790.00
  4. Thanks for pointing that out! The whole kit for $450. I
  5. Selling my former SonyRX100IV camera, Ikelite Housing, tray, and wet lens. This is a great camera to get started with. I've not used it in several years as I upgraded in 2017. Selling in the US only, buyer pays shipping. I will include a few older batteries for the Sony. Prefer to sell as a set to someone starting out looking for a good deal! No scammers - payment will be verified so please just don't try to scam me. If this item is listed then it is still for sale.
  6. Thanks Tim. I've added to my Christmas list
  7. I have the same problem! Maybe some of the pros on the site can let us know what they recommend as a replacement/alternate for the z330.
  8. Is there any way to search for something specific? Thanks. Ellen
  9. Thank you posting this list! I just finished Tobias Frederich's book and I'm in the middle of Alex Mustard's book. Lucky for me I'm meeting Tobias in Lembeh next month for a workshop! I'm going to keep this list and work my way though...much appreciated! Ellen
  10. Hi! My name is Ellen and I've been diving for about 20 years. I've been upgrading cameras through the years -- just got my first full frame DSLR. I immediately stripped the port lock gear on my new housing (first time I tried to put the port on!!!). Some tears later, it is being repaired in time for my first underwater workshop in August. I'm doing the Insider Divers Workshop in Lembeh, Indonesia then the Komodo add on. I plan on learning as much as I can and enjoying more of the beautiful sea! I've really enjoyed meeting different people on the trips I've been on and made some great lifelong friends. Attatched is a photo that Simon Lorenz took of me in Raja Ampat last January. See you on the next trip? Ellen @Wunderdiver (instagram)
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