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  1. still for sale; @£1200GBP, the body is available but this would be at additional cost
  2. The package will include the hugyfot gear ring for the Tokina 10-17 lens
  3. Would you be interested in a Hugyfot plus dome port, I have listed one on this forum but probably pitched the price a bit high Let me know what you think Dave
  4. Hugyfot housing for Canon 7D plus Hugyfot 124mm diam fisheye dome port. The housing had an annual service last October when I had a dummy bulkhead fitted to utilise fibre optic strobe firing. There is also a five pin bulkhead strobe connection still fitted. I will include a 5 pin synch cord with the housing and the acrylic plug for the dummy bulkhead. The housing also comes with the hugycheck system. It also has 2 handles fitted. Other pictures available on request Price for package including shipping in the UK £1750, shipping outside of UK extra
  5. Thanks for the update on the range of lenses to be used with this dome
  6. Hugyfot mini dome with optical glass, 124mm diameter. Equipped with the standard Hugyfot bayonet catch and solid aluminium sunshades, the dome is suitable for the Tokina 10-17mm, Nikon 10.5mm, Nikon 16mm and Canon 15mm fisheye lenses Comes with dust cover & neoprene dome cover This is used but in excellent condition Price £550GBP, postage extra
  7. Zen 100mm mini dome, Hugyfot Fit Some minor marks on the shade petals Designed for use with the Tokina 10-17mm Fisheye lens This sale will include the gearing ring for the lens I have also used this lens with the Canon 60m macro lens with successful results £550GBP excluding postage
  8. Has any one got experience with an Olympus ULF-1 strobe and how effective. In particular with a Panasonic GF1 in a 10bar housing The camera settings are correct for firing the strobe. This is a question on behalf of someone I sold the 10bar housing to, the shots are very dark. My thoughts are camera settings, iso etc, and position of strobes, any other thoughts or experience? Thanks Dave
  9. Hi yes I am willing to ship worldwide, just need to work out the cost
  10. I am selling my Hugyfot housing for a Canon 40D, this comes with the hugycheck system, standard eyepiece, TTL circuit board, serviced last October. Upgraded circuit board and base plate fitted in August. No dome ports included. Offers around 950GBP, shipping extra. Picture available on request.
  11. I will add my comments to the other owners; I have had a 40D Hugy for just short of 3 years and have just upgraded to a 7D housing. I am well pleased with the housings and exceptional service. The hugy check is great. Hope this helps Dave
  12. Hi, you may not be aware that there is some modifications required to the gearing for the Tokina 10-17mm for the dome port to work with the Hugyfot. Zen & Hugyfot are working on this together Dave
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