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  1. My father and I are travelling to Austrailia in late April. Diving the GBR is on his bucket list and we want to do this right. That being said, I know he is weary of a live aboard because he has never spent that much time out on the ocean nor dove that much in such a short time. My father does have multiple vertebral fusions. We always have done day trips wherever we dive. Is it possible to experience the reef on a day trip? If so does anyone know a good charter out of Cairns or Port Douglas? If liveaboards are the way to go I have heard that Mike Ball and Spirit of Freedom are good companies to use. Anything else anyone can add? Coral Sea vs Cod Hole, which is better, etc.? Thank you.
  2. Yes it will, pardon me for not saying, but the crater reef is between 40 and 100 ft underwater. I found the rig online, but I think it will be too costly considering the fact that it is discontinued technology and therefore probably not upgradable in the future.
  3. Lets say a you have a 5D mark 1 and you want to take it out on a collapsed volcano. You lock in a Canon 16-35mm or a Canon 100mm macro. What is the best housing/strobe rig for the mk1?
  4. I am getting a Canon T3i and topside I know what to buy. However beneath the waves I am lost. I will be shooting on reefs in Maui primarily, though I am planning a trip to the GBR (year or more away sadly). I am thinking the following: Canon 17-40mm rectilinear Canon 60mm macro Any suggestions? Anything else I should be looking at? I hear that fisheyes are better, but there is distortion on either type. I am worried about any problems the dome port though. Thanks for your responses.
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