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  1. For sale:


    Nauticam 8.5" Acrylic Dome Port with end cap, shade and neoprene cover. No scratches. -- $400


    Nauticam Extension Ring 40. -- $200


    I'm willing to trade the extension ring 40 for an extension ring 20. I'm located in Southern California.



    Bump for price drop.


    Dome port: $400

    Extension ring $200

  2. Hi,


    I have a Nautica 8.5" dome port with hood and cover in mint condition. It's too big for freediving so I would like to trade it in for a mini dome. I'm willing to do a straight trade for Nautica 4.33" dome port or trade plus cash for other mini domes like Zen.


    If you can't trade, I'd be interested in buying as well.


    I'm located in Southern California and have done business on this board before.



  3. If it is the fiber optic bulkhead then there is no worry. If it is an electrical bulkhead then yes indeed it will not be good to take it UW without the cap.



    Thanks, Bill. It's an optical bulkhead so I feel better now. For future, where I can buy a replacement cap?

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