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  1. Hi there - I actually use the Zen 100 for the 8-15 and use the 230 with my 16-35 F4. I tend to prefer the rectilinear lens. You could totally use the 230 with the fisheye though.
  2. The time has come to radically downsize. I have forsaken my big rig for a TG-6. I have lots of regrets but i'm just not traveling enough to warrant the expense. So.... Nauticam R5 Housing w/vaccum Nauticam 180 degree viewfinder Nauticam TTL trigger Nauticam LCD trrigger Macro port 90 w/new glass Zen 230mm Superdome/Nauticam Zen 100mm done - for Canon 8-15 Nauticam fiber optic cables x2 Nauticam 70mm extension w/lock Nauticam 30 mm extension w/lock Nauticam 50 mm extension w/lock Everything is in perfect working order. The Superdome has some minor scratches but nothing that shows up on images. The housing has had its on/off switch disabled because (this is a known problem) it fails intermittently and the R5 goes to sleep by itself and can be woken up by pressing any button. Price new is > $12,000. Will sell everything as a package for $9500. Please do not ask me to break up the set. Will send photos on request. PM me for details. Mark
  3. Done and dusted. Worked like a charm. Thank you so very much!
  4. Thanks for this! That was my original theory that her flash is emitting a pre-flash. What thew us was that the prox did just fine. appreciate you
  5. Hi, My friend is having a stranger problem with her new OM-1 trying to fire the original Retras. She is using the flash that came with the camera. I hooked her camera up to my Pro X and it fired fine and the image was lit up. hooked it back to the original Retra, it won;'t fire except in TTL and Slave mode. When it does fire, the resulting photo is black. She's shooting ASA 100, 1/100th and F4 - all setting the same between the two flashes. Any and all ideas warmly welcomed. She was planning to buy my old Retras but that won't work until we fix this. Many thanks! Mark
  6. Price is now $375+shipping - [firm] Includes (all used): GoPro 9 Black Nauticam Housing and Tray (1) L&M Sola 3800 lumens (costs ~ $500 new) Snap on filter set Locline arms Switched to Iphone+housing and need to ship this by August 1 - thanks!
  7. Hiya, I'm selling a complete GoPro 9 Black set up including: Camera w/ battery and SD card Backscatter Housing Nauticam tray with two handles L&M Sola 3800 lumen light Two locline arms Set of three snap on filters Camera was used only for a month when my new R5 Housing turned out to be have problems... Asking $450 - am not open to breaking up the set, thanks
  8. I believe it's taken, but waiting to confirm, Will ping you if that changes! Thanks.
  9. I just divved it again today and shot only at F8. Much better focus, but it’s crazy not to be able to use the smaller aperture to get more depth of field. I too am confused. I bought the lens directly from Canon USA. Maybe I’ll contact them and see what they have to say.
  10. I have the R5 and the RF100 macro and i hate it. It back focuses every time. There are articles around talking about its focus shifting issue, and from what i've read, the focus shift is pretty severe above F8 or so. Here's one example: https://community.usa.canon.com/t5/EF-RF-Lenses/Focus-shift-with-RF-100mm-f2-8L-macro-lens/m-p/360330/page/2 I'm planning to go back to the EF version. It may be slower to obtain focus but hopefully the autofocus will maintain focus once it gets there. I am so frustrated with the RF lens!
  11. Hi, I am simplifying my gear collection and am giving up my Sony RX100 VII and housing set up. The kit is the Backscatter Pro package (you can see it here) and has only been in the water 2-3 times. The camera (included) has the soul (and autofocus system) of the AR7Riv. It's a phenomenal compact set up. Retail for both is $3467. Will sell for $2500+shipping. PM me if you're interested.
  12. Hi Stefan, I have an R5 and Nauticam housing and been having nothing but problems with it from the start. First the on/off switch on the housing wasn't working, and i sent it back to Nauticam. They sent it back and the. on/off switch still won;t engage the camera and now the VF/LCD toggle won't allow the LCD to come on. Wondering if. you've had any issues or have any thoughts what might be going on... Thanks in advance!!!!
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