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  1. Hi Stefan, I have an R5 and Nauticam housing and been having nothing but problems with it from the start. First the on/off switch on the housing wasn't working, and i sent it back to Nauticam. They sent it back and the. on/off switch still won;t engage the camera and now the VF/LCD toggle won't allow the LCD to come on. Wondering if. you've had any issues or have any thoughts what might be going on... Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Where else can one go to be able to nerd out on strobology? I love it!
  3. Many thanks all! Still undecided but this is all super helpful. I was thinking 40% on the Primes vs. 40% on the Pros was apples to apples, but as you point out that's wrong. Maybe they should publish recycle times to comparable W/Secs?
  4. Hi, I am also thinking of upgrading from original Retras. And I am torn between the Pro X and Prime X. I love to shoot sharks and the place I go to most often is happily quite sharky. Taking the superchargers out of the equation for the moment, for sharks, am I better off with the faster recycle times of the Prime X or the increased power of Pro X? To be clear the question is which flash is better for sharks, and Caribbean reef sharks in particular (they're quick). Also, I read a review of the Pro X where the reviewer suggested that at 40% he could fire multiple shots a second. Is that possible? The specs sheet suggests it may not be. I am truly impressed by Retra as a product and as a company. You've definitely won my loyalty. Thanks so much!
  5. Hi there, The strobes are sold.
  6. Hi Mike, I in the U.S. on the right coast, near DC. I'd much prefer to sell the strobes as a pair, but thanks for asking! Mark
  7. Hiya, I have been a member for a number of years. Today I added 3 more posts in non-classified areas just to make sure I qualify, but the two items i posted for sale are still showing zero views. Does that require some adjustment on your part. If so thanks in advance! I've traveled with Frink, Mustard and others...thanks so much for this forum!
  8. Hey all, It's charity time and I'm wondering what some of your favorite ocean charities might be? I already give to Coral Reef Alliance... Thanks in advance!
  9. Wakatobi will let you solo dive on their house reef with a self-reliant diver cert or equivalent. They do make you take a pony tank and the current can be fierce, so be careful.
  10. Canon 5D mk 4 Canon 16-35 F4 Retra Strobes Nauticam Housing
  11. Hiya, I have a Zen super dome which has collected a few scratches -- none are showing up on pics as best as i can tell. Is there anything that can be done to fix scratches on glass? I love the dome... Thanks in advance.
  12. These strobes have ~100 dives on them. I like them a lot but I bought a pair of Retras which i like even better. This would for the strobes alone -- no cables or arms. Includes the 100 diffusers. Both are in fine working order. Will sell both for $400. Many thanks!
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