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  1. That a decent idea, but $100 for what's basically a led, a battery and a bimetallic strip is a bit of a rip off, If i can find out what the strip is made of I might try and make one myself. I was thinking of using something like this: http://www.indigo.com/test-strips/gph-test...est-strips.html has anyone here tried the paper option?
  2. Hi, As a first foray underwater (technically second but waterproof disposables don't really count) I've got a polyurethane SLR housing bag which I'm going to put my Canon EOS 300v 35mm camera in as a first go, while I'm not too bothered about the camera body, the lens I'll be using is easily worth 10 times what I paid for the 300v on ebay. What I was thinking of was someway to quickly and visually see if water had penetrated the housing, my idea was to stick bits of water sensitive paper on the camera and lens and then keep an eye out to see if they change colour although I'm not even sure if that's an existing product, not being able to find the correct phrase for Google to find it for me. What I was wondering is that is a viable option or of any other ways that underwater photographers keep and eye out for the integrity of their housing while in the field. Thanks,
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