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  1. Update! Everything worked well underwater: The port locks should be almost fully screwed to the housing (with only a slight counter clock unscrewing, enough to lock the port). I've used B+W +2 close up diopter (to be on the safe side). The Sigma 10-20 is not as good as Tokina fisheye, but still it's good enough for an amateur like I am. BTW - I didn't use the zoom ring. It was impossible to put the clamps on the lens. I fixed it on 12mm and 10 mm (10 was better). Thanks for your help. Now my only problem is to free the dome from the port... You can read my report here: http://www.escapedia.com/english/taba-daha...-dahab2009.html Take care!
  2. Thank you all for the help, I've read the similar thread about this "problem" and also checked my gear in the bath tub...all looks fine. All I can say that it does look alarming and that Ikelite could have done more in their website in order to explain things in a simple way, maybe EVEN with photos and videos.. Again, thanks, I hope all will be OK with it during the dives.
  3. Hi all, I'm getting my gear ready for my upcoming trip, 2 days from now, and I find a problem (?) with the sealing. I now have an Ikelite 8" dome port to my D80 housing along with 5510.16 port body. I'm placing the dome and port (as one unit) into the housing but the dome is too wide and too low for tightening the Port Lock Release Buttons with a screwdriver. I've followed the instructions of the manual which were to fully screw down the retaining screw and loosen it 1/4 turn so I can Lock/UnLock the Port Lock. [Are you following me guys? ] having done that, it seems that the port locks are just "holding" the port body in place. They are not TIGHT on the port body and it seems as if the port body is somewhat "floating" on the housing. When "playing" with it, there's like a small gap. I didn't want to test it in the bathtub for I don't want to damage the TTL circuit. Is it Ok from your own experience? Please help, I'll be so grateful. THANKS! I hope the picture is helping somehow.
  4. Thanks Diediealsomustdive and other who helped me. I guess I'll by a close up filter anyhow to try it with and without. I'll report later...
  5. Thanks. As far as I understand the need for a diopter isn't to eliminate the vignetting ,it's to help the lens focus. Of course a fisheye lens is better, but for me to start with a diopter on a lens that I already own is the only option at the moment (despite all the cons of this setup). So, you didn't have any problem with focusing?
  6. Thank you all for your replies, I got a bit wiser.. At first I thought maybe it's high time for a fisheye lens, but I think it would be a bit cheaper to start with a diopter on the Sigma. Any suggestions as for the diopter: which number/brand? Again, thanks a lot!
  7. Hi, I've been searching in WP and in google but still didn't find a simple answer: Which Ikelite ports do I need for my Sigma 10-20mm (with Ikelite D80 housing) both options: 6" dome and 8" dome. I really got "disoriented" with what I've read. Please help, I'll be grateful if someone with this lens could tell me: get this and that ports. And yes... I know about the no-zooming problem with this lens & Ikelite, I guess I could do without it. THANKS!!!
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